"The Founding of the Food Network: A 20 Year Retrospective"

CTbites Team
The New School will be hosting a panel on "The Founding of the Food Network: A 20 Year Retrospective," on September 27, 2013, from 6-7:30 pm. It is open to the public; there is no charge. For those unable to attend, the panel will be taped and available online. Panel description and speakers below.
Speakers include Reese Schonfeld, co-counder CNN and the first president of The Food Network; Joe Langhan, formerly of an executive at Colony Communications, currently President, Media Program Network; Pat O’Gorman, lead producer for new talent and documentaries; and Allen Salkin, author of From Scratch: Inside the Food Network. Moderated by New School faculty member, Andrew F. Smith.
Description: Twenty years ago, the Food Network began broadcasting tapes of old cookery programs. It wouldn’t start live broadcasts for another two months, and when it did, there were not many viewers. From these modest beginnings, the Food Network has grown into one of America’s most successful cable network channel and in process, it has engendered hundreds of other food and cooking shows on cable and broadcast networks, and its culinary competitions have converted food into a spectator sport. The Food Network’s continued success demonstrated that food had become a central feature in media and American life. Come join the founders of the Food Network who will discuss those fragile early months and join with us to celebrate the beginning of the network that changed the way America eats.
Location: The New School Wollman Hall (B500), Eugene Lang College, 65 West 11th Street., New York