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“It’s no sin to get sauce on your chin.” - Bishop Tutu

Last weekend I got a chance to make the short trek to Wilson’s Barbecue (1851 Post Rd  Fairfield, CT ), to enjoy some incredible Pit BBQ. Wilson’s is owned by Ed Wilson, who has competed in and judged numerous BBQ competitions throughout his life. Ed is an extremely kind man, who goes out of his way to talk to everyone who enters his restaurant. He even happily agreed to sit down and talk to me after my fantastic meal, about what makes his food so good.

He couldn’t be nicer.

When we arrived at Wilson’s we were greeted by Mr. Wilson who said hello and wished us an excellent meal. As I entered the restaurant I noticed the comfy, road-house-esque atmosphere that was filled with memorabilia of his experiences as a chef and owner. When it was time to order, we got a lot!

First we ordered three bodacious sandwich’s, two Pulled Pork , and one Brisket. The Pulled Pork Sandwiches contained tender, moist pork that was perfectly seasoned and cooked. In addition the sandwich was served with bright, tangy coleslaw made the traditional way (with vinegar not mayo). Finally the sandwich was finished with a small pile of homemade pickles (I think the pickles may have been infused with cinnamon) and was squeezed in between two soft, fluffy buns. These sandwiches were my favorite and I truly could not stop eating them.


One of the best pulled pork sandwich’s I have ever had.

The Brisket Sandwich was fantastic as well. The brisket was warm while also staying incredibly juicy and succulent. This sandwich was a favorite of my brother, who devoured the incredible sandwich in the blink of an eye. Note: Mr. Wilson gets his brisket and pork from local suppliers.

Our BBQ Feast!

Next we ordered a 1/2 pound of sausage. The sausage was erupting with warm juices that were infused into each link. The sausages were perfectly browned and had an unbeatable flavor. The crowning factor about the sausages was the absolutely perfect snap to them when you bite them. I loved the sausages and even though we didn’t finish them, we still brought them home to enjoy later that day.


Snappy Sausage

We also ordered  a dish of crispy, crunchy burnt ends with one of their many yummy sauces slathered on. The burnt ends were served above a steamy pile of perfectly cooked rice and black beans.


Burnt Ends- One of the greatest inventions ever!

Our final dish was a Full Slab of Ribs. The ribs do not have an sauce on them but have a rub on them that is amazing (we got the Memphis Ribs that had no sauce, but the St. Louis Ribs do have sauce). The ribs have the perfect balance between smokey and spicy, while keeping them mouth-watering and juice-filled. The ribs are so professionally cooked that they fall right of the bone when you eat them. The ribs were the highlight of the meal. Note: Mr. Wilson gets his ribs shipped from Chicago. My mom even ended up straying from her vegetarianism on a rib from Wilson’s. This shows the deliciousness of their food!


I don’t fib about these ribs- they are great

You didn’t think we ordered sides with our meal? Well, you are wrong. We ordered three deliciously made sides. First we ordered their world famous Mac and Cheese. The Mac and Cheese is creamy with a perfect ratio of butter and fresh, shredded by hand Vermont cheddar cheese and mild cheddar cheese. When I was talking to Ed, he told me that the key to the delicious side dish is the hand shredded fresh cheddar.



Next we got a small side order of Baked Beans. Personally Baked Beans is my favorite side when it comes to BBQ because everybody has a different spin on it. Wilson’s Beans were delicious. He used a mixture of three different beans with a rich, flavorful sauce mixed in. When I was eating the sauce I tasted a hint of something that tasted like Cream Soda to me. Overall the Beans at Wilson’s rated fairly high on my list of the greatest beans ever.

Our last appetizer was a small order of Black Eyed Pea’s that were served with peppers, sweet onions, dark green parsley and jalapeno’s. All of these delicious ingredients were drizzled with a flavorful mustard vinaigrette.


We washed Wilson’s delicious food down with three classic Boylan’s sodas. The sodas were icy cold and a perfect drink for a hot day. We ordered Red Birch Beer, Grape Soda, and Cream Soda.


When all of the food is brought out, the table is given a selection of three delicious homemade sauces (mostly from his wife’s recipes). These sauces are, an Eastern Carolina Sauce that is extremely peppery and vinegary (this sauce won 3rd place the North Carolina BBQ Convention). The next sauce was a Mild Sauce. This sauce was a very sweet and tangy tomato based sauce. Finally was the Chipotle Sauce. This is the same sauce as the Mild Sauce with a kick.


Homemade makes everything better.

Overall the food at Wilson’s was excellent and is definitely the right place to eat when you are in Fairfield.

The atmosphere at Wilson’s was very comfortable and the numerous nick-nacks that cover the walls are a fun thing to look at while waiting for your order. The service at Wilson’s was incredible. Ed and his staff could not be any nicer and they catered to our every need. The value of the restaurant was very reasonable and the large servings were well worth the price.

I would definitely recommend going to Wilson’s when ever you get the chance. I would also recommend talking to Ed if you can, he could not be any nicer! I would give it ZZZZX- 4 3/4 Z’s- Excellent.

Wilson’s has been featured on Diner’s Drive in’s and Dives with Guy Fieri and has recently opened a restaurant at the I95 northbound rest stop in Darien.

Wilson’s Barbecue 1851 Post Rd  Fairfield, CT