Book-a-Cook: Bringing Culinary Excellence to YOUR Kitchen

Kathleen Atkins

The best life has to offer often happens around the dinner table.  Mealtime moments shared with family and friends over good food and good drinks.  However, making a meal that will impress your guests is a time consuming feat, one that takes you away from those life-well-lived moments at the table.  That’s when Book-a-Cook steps in, relieving you of any stress and work involved in planning a family meal, dinner party or culinary event.  There is so much culinary prowess in Fairfield County, and with Book-a-Cook you can book a chef’s table right in your own kitchen.

Book-a-Cook was founded by Westport native and Fairfield resident, Ashley Hart.  Hart, an Institute of Culinary Education graduate and former New York City and Hamptons personal chef, wanted to provide intimate access to some of the great chefs in this area.  Many cities offer similar services, but the suburban market had yet to be tapped.  “We live in a very social community and it seemed like the perfect fit,” says Hart.  With the help of business partner Amy Strife, Book-a-Cook launched in January.  “Our goal is to take a restaurant experience into your home and make the experience as seamless as possible,” says Strife.   “You are able to have a much more personal experience with the chef.”

With 5 local skilled chefs on the Book-a-Cook roster, there is someone to cater to your culinary desires.  A Tuscan theme dinner party?  Vegetarian specialties?  Use your culinary imagination.  Each chef is fully vetted and individually matched with a client depending on the type of service and cuisine being requested.  All chefs have formal culinary training and will work with each client to create the perfect menu.  

Focusing on the use of local products, Book-a-Cook is able to keep costs lower and provide high-level private chef service that is affordable, accessible and customizable.  “Sourcing locally is something that is very important to us,” says Hart.   “We encourage all our chefs to shop locally.”  As sponsors of the Westport Farmer’s Market, the farm-to-table movement is something that they really stand behind.  Having found the best farms, farmers’ markets, local butchers and seafood purveyors in Fairfield County, Book-a-Cook can ensure that you are enjoying the best that this part of Connecticut has to offer.  

Services at Book-a-Cook include pantry stocking and prep ($275 plus groceries), a nightly dinner service ($275 per visit plus groceries), dinner and cocktail parties (from $15 per person), and even personalized cooking instruction ($450 plus groceries).  The process is easy and seamless with someone to walk you through each step of the process.  On the day of the service the hired chef will arrive at your home to handle all the prep, serving and even clean up!  All that is left is do is sit back, enjoy and make mealtime memories. 

For more information about Book-a-Cook or inquire about service, visit their website or follow them on Facebook (BookaCookCT).