Think Again Before You Default to Gas: The Wolf Induction Cooktop! (sponsored post)

CTbites Team


Talk to most home chefs and you'll get a knee-jerk, "When it comes to my range or cooktop, I want gas."

It may be hard to believe, but if you are considering a cooktop, the Wolf Induction Cooktop may very well change your mind. Think extraordinary control delivering an instant boil and equally fast true simmer, a delicate melt function, extreme energy efficiency and a level of safety that gas simply can't deliver.  

Induction cooking has been used in Europe for decades by professionals and homeowners demanding the best in performance. Wolf offers five options with even more to come and they offer features and benefits not seen in any other cooktop in the industry. Ranging from a 15" 2-burner option (with total functionality) to 30" and 36" framed and unframed models, Wolf Induction Cooktops are 90-95% energy efficient; as a result, no heat is wasted because energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel. This is compared to 55% efficiency for a gas burner. In fact, these cooktops actually sense your cookware and the elements will not heat without an induction-compatible pan on the cooktop surface. Cookware made from aluminum, copper or glass (including Pyrex) is not compatible. However, Culinary Institute of America and Staub cookware offered through Clarke's Savoir Fare kitchen boutique works perfectly, as do many other lines. 

With no exposed flame or raised heating element, these cooktops are perfect for families with little ones in the kitchen, providing unparalleled safety. Wolf Induction Cooktops also offer a lock function for all burners, which further provides safety and has been heralded for seniors who might forget to remove a pan from the cooktop. 

With Wolf’s unframed induction cooktops there’s no stainless steel trim, just the sophisticated, minimalist exterior subtly patterned design to hide any unsightly scratches. These sleek cooktops can be mounted flush with the top of the countertop or sit on top of it. For those wanting a more traditional framed cooktop, a subtle stainless steel frame outlines the cooking surface. In any case, the black ceramic face is easy to clean. 

The best way to appreciate the extraordinary power and control of these cooktops, and learn whether your current cookware is appropriate, is to take the ultimate appliance test drive at Clarke, New England's Official Sub-Zero and Wolf Showroom and Test Kitchen in South Norwalk, CT. You won't actually purchase anything here, as Clarke is a distributor and can give you the contact for authorized dealer should you decide this is the cooktop for you.

Here a highly experienced Clarke Showroom Consultant can show you the power of the two 1800 W elements, both with 3000 W boost, and two 1200 W elements. You'll see how true simmer on two of the elements will make all the difference in your sauces. If you are looking for even more power, you'll test drive the 36" model, which has the same four elements found on the 30" model PLUS a 3000 W element with a 4000 W boost. The larger cooktop also offers a true melt setting on two burners, perfect for melting chocolate for your fondues and chocolate mouse. 

Your test drive will be modified to exemplify your cooking lifestyle and answer all of your questions about why one model would be more appropriate than the other. Clarke's team believes that cooking is believing when it comes to these high-performance appliances. 

So, you owe it to yourself to consider induction cooking before you make your final decision. You're welcome to browse at the Clarke Showroom and Test Kitchen during showroom hours or you can make an appointment for your own test drive of this amazing option in cooking technology (we highly recommend it.) 

To visit Clarke's official Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom and test kitchen in South Norwalk, CT for a demonstration, click here.