Pinocchio Pizza Sponsors "A Slice for the Cure"

CTbites Team

CTbites wants to offer a major shout out and note of appreciation to Bruno DiFabio, co-owner of 10 widely lauded pizzerias around the country including Wilton’s Pinocchio, ReNapoli in Old Greenwich and San Francisco’s esteemed Tony’s Napoletana, for launching “A Slice for the Cure” at Pinocchio Pizza in Wilton.

On Tuesday, June 25th, DiFabio and Pinocchio Pizza sponsored the event from noon to 10PM, in which 100% of sales was donated to the American Cancer Society to benefit cancer research. The six-time World Pizza Champion debuted his award-winning Pulled Pork Pizza created with roasted pork, mozzarella, onion, bacon and barbecue sauce.

CTbites attended the event and discussed DiFabio’s passion for pizza, the various types of crusts and toppings and his general vision for his continuing commitment to Fairfield County. Of course, this conversation occurred as we enjoyed a few slices of the Pulled Pork Pizza.

The pizza started with DiFazio’s cold fermented rectangular dough that was first topped with whole milk Mozzarella cheese. Sitting atop the cheese was shredded overnight house-roasted pork shoulder intermingled with bacon and finely diced onion. After baking, the pizza was finished with drizzled barbeque sauce and the crust is lightly painted with honey. The end result was a delicious, full flavored pizza.

When asked how someone who has dedicated his life to the history of pizza views this non-traditional version, DiFazio responded that he views pizza in two categories, the traditional version that is regulated by several entities in Italy and the new versions. The second category includes the Pulled Pork Pizza. This version was a huge success in a recent event where, in conjunction with Bobby Q’s, guests waited in line throughout the afternoon for a slice. With that demand he wanted to use the Pulled Pork Pizza as the centerpiece of this event.

Again, a major thank you to Chef DiFabio and Pinocchio Pizza for its extreme generosity.

Pinocchio's Pizza & Italian Kitchen - 1 Center St - Wilton, CT - (203) 762-3700

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