Cru Restaurant Opens in Westport

Sarah Green

Cru - the French wine term for "growth" - is also the spankin' new restaurant behind the Gap on Main street in Westport - and this is the perfect name for this hot new spot which shows great promise. The grand, yet very soft opening, happened this week and we were there to get a glimpse of what is to come once the wait staff and kitchen get some mileage under their aprons. Chic and very stylish, CRU is the second restaurant for Steve Prokop and Todd Rose, also of CUVEE' In West Hartford. The decor is very New York lounge-y and the bar seating and tables are inviting and hipster. But the food's the thing and, although there were some bumps along the way, the potential for a smooth road ahead is evident. Review coming soon, but here's what you can expect down the "rue":

The menu is eclectic and a lot of fun. The categories from which you may choose include AMERICAIN, PACIFIQUE, and MEDITERRANEEN'  and there is something yummy for every palette. If you're craving Asian cuisine, select the  Californication Roll or Hamachi Tatare or a delicious SWEET and SOUR BEET Salad. On the MEDITERRANEEN side, choose from HUMMUS FRIES, GREEK SALAD or the SHORT RIB GNOCCHI (which we heard from the table next to ours, was "outstanding.") For the kid within, try CRU's sophisticated take on  GRILLED CHEESE and TOMATO SOUP - on brioche with midnight moon cheese and truffle honey served with green tomato gazpacho or sample the CRAFT MAC and CHEESE made with goat cheese, comte, brie and truffled wild mushrooms. 

There are some tiny wrinkles that will surely be ironed out - for example, they should not be serving sushi on "hot" plates - but these are little, fixable hiccups. Cru promises to be a great new hotspot for Westport. Coming soon, outdoor seating with river views! CRU. It's gonna be GRAND. 

Cru Restaurant 125 Main Street, Westport (203) 222-0924

[Photography courtesy of Natalie Kronick]

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