Butchering Classes at Stone Barns Center

CTbites Team

"Have you ever wondered where the tenderloin is on an animal, what the taste difference is between a leg of lamb and a lamb chop, or what to do with a bone-in shoulder roast?" Sharpen your knowledge and skills in understanding meat with Stone Barns two upcoming classes focusing on lamb and pig butchering led by butcher and writer Adam Danforth. For more information and to register, visit Stone Barns Center.

April 9Break it Down: Lamb - "Butchers sometimes say that once you learn the cuts of a lamb, you’ll understand any animal. Learn about all of the cuts on a lamb, how best to prepare them, and participate in a taste test."

 April 16Break it Down: Pig -  "Pigs are well-known for being used from "nose-to-tail." Fortify your butchering foundation, and taste the difference between the different parts for yourself."

Member adult $67.50
adult $75.00