Hot-tail Happy Hour at Parallel Post

Amy Kundrat

Parallel Post has launched a "Hot-tail Happy Hour," a week-day cocktail list of of three steamy concoctions that can be paired with their usual happy hour specials, available Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. Although it will take more to transport me from the Trumbull Marriott to the slopes of Val d'Isère, at $7 each, these après-ski cocktails are a nice alternative to the usual glass of wine. In addition to their full menu which I wrote about last week, I have become a fan of Parallel Post's wallet-friendly happy hour menu and this new cocktail addition.  

The man behind these inventive drinks is a familiar face to Fairfield County, lead mixologist Greg Genias who is the man behind Barnum Publick House's epic Bloody Mary Bar. At Parallel Post, Greg has created a full menu of original cocktails, featuring many house-made liquor infusions. A native of Jamaica, Greg comes to Connecticut by way of Utah and a few other stops along the way. His personal libation preference leans toward classic cocktails like Manhattans and brown liquors served neat, but despite (possibly in spite of) that, this man makes some mean cocktails. In addition to these new concotions below, don't miss Greg's Parallel Post Bloody Mary made with an infused spicy vodka and a blend of roasted vegetables.

Parallel Post Hot-tail Menu

Hot Buttered Popcorn: House-blend herbal tea and popcorn-infused rum

This drink arrives at the table deconstructed. The components, popcorn infused rum and herbal tea that is steeped at your table, are assembled inside a clear glass mug. A deceptively cloying name for a well-balanced drink.

Daily Warm ‘n’ Cozy: Infused liquor of the day, local honey, Liquore Galliano L'Autentico and house whiskey

As Gregory likes to point out, who has actually touched a Galliano bottle since those Harvey Wallbanger days? This liqueur anchors a subtley sweet and smoky drink depending on the infused lquor of the day.  

Almond Mousse Cocktail: Bailey’s, B&B brandy and almond coffee topped with house-made chocolate mousse

If you want to skip dinner and head straight for dessert, this is it. To be honest, I normally would not be caught dead with a drink that had mousse on it. But this is one of those drinks you'll wish for a friend to order so you can sneak sips. It drinks like a silky and rich hot chocolate with a kick of alcohol.