Blue Hill at Stone Barns Launch Savory Yogurt: Blue Hill Yogurt

Natalie Levitt

There’s a new yogurt in town! 

Dan, David, and Laureen Barber the owners of local farm to table favorite, Blue Hill at Stone Barns, have launched a yogurt line called Blue Hill Yogurt. It is not the average run of the mill yogurt to say the least. It takes yogurt to a whole new experience. Yeah, you are probably saying to yourself “there are so many yogurts out there already. What could they possibly do to set themselves apart from all the rest?“

These yogurts have gone after the savory palette. That’s right, savory! They launched unexpected flavors such as carrot, beet, tomato, and butternut squash this week. The yogurt is made from 100% grass-fed milk, sourced from several small, family owned farms in the Northeast including Blue Hill Farm. The produce is also sourced from the same local farms that supply their restaurant kitchens, Blue Hill in NYC and Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

I was excited when I heard about this new line as I have visited Blue Hill at Stone Barns many times over the years and have enjoyed walking the grounds, seeing the farm in action, and then enjoying an outstanding meal on premise. The pride for quality ingredients, taste, and presentation at Blue Hill is obvious in their yogurt too.

From lid to lick of the spoon, I found the experience very engaging and enjoyable. The reveal under the lid started with a story about the cow (her name, age, and location). I loved this touch as a person who prefers to know where my food comes from. Also included on the packaging were topping suggestions and a link to recipes for using the yogurt as an ingredient to enhance meals. The website has several recipes such as carrot oatmeal muffins, squash yogurt panna cotta, and roasted beet salad with fresh herbs, feta, and pine nuts. The recipes seem to be relatively quick and easy for the everyday foodie.

The colors of the yogurt are vibrant and beautiful, the aroma is fantastic, and the flavor is packed with punch and has a nice contrast of tang to savory. I am especially fond of the carrot and beet although the butternut squash is hands down my favorite. I would highly recommend these and your taste buds will thank you! 

According to Blue Hill, seasonal limited-edition yogurts will also be offered. Sweet Potato will be the first, launching just before Thanksgiving. 

Blue Hill Yogurt is, initially, exclusively available at 28 Whole Foods Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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[Photography Courtesy of Kyle Orosz]