Top CTbites Stories from 2013

CTbites Team

From restaurant openings (and closings) to memorable food-centric events and a slew of our own top ten lists, we trolled our analytics to bring you the most widely read stories from 2013.  

Best Brunch in Fairfield County

If there is one thing for sure, CTbites readers love them some brunch. Equally parts meal and ritual, our brunch post stole your hearts with a series of 14 recommendations, mouthwatering photos, and an additional twenty-six reader recommendations in the comments. 

The Best Warm Lobster Rolls on the Connecticut Coast

"Connecticut's signature food may not be New Haven Pizza or Steamed Hamburger.  And it’s certainly not Nutmeg (indeed, not a single nutmeg seed has ever been planted, much less harvested, in the Nutmeg state.  But that's a tale for another time)." Seven lobster rolls graced this list and 37 more comments added their own recommendations, giving us lots of options to choose from when we next need to quell that lobster roll craving.

Oak + Almond Opens in Norwalk Under Chef Jeff Taibe

"The use of, yes you guessed it, Oak + Almond woods in the open oven add to the initial sensation as you enter and the comforting smell remains through the dining experience."

Los Poblanos Opens in Norwalk: Top Delicious Dive

Who doesn't like a good taco? We are always on the lookout for great Mexican in CT, and Los Poblanos is one of our favorites this year. Family run, and serving up a traditional food from the Puebla region of Mexico, this is the real thing. 

Ten Best Burgers from Stamford to New Haven

"One year, hundreds of miles, close to thirty pounds of various cuts and blends of meat, thousands of fries…searching for the ten best hamburgers." Jeff "Jfood" Schlesinger traveled far and wide this past year to give us one of the most popular installments of his "Best Burger" list. Warning: Readers may want to pop a preventitive statin before scrolling through this meat-laden post.

The Beer Garden at Harbor Point

One of the most hotly anticipated openings of the year was the opening (and ultimately the closing) of The Beer Garden @ Harbor Point in Stamford. 

Fortina Restaurant | Cooking with Fire at Fortina

Recalling the many memorable meals he ate during his time spent in Italy, Chef Christian Petroni's vision was to bring Italy's simple authentic flavors, cooking methods and presentation to the dishes he serves at Fortina. This vision is executed with the help of 2 wood burning ovens imported straight from Naples, Italy which serve as a focal point in the main dining room. "

Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

...and its Food HighlightsWine Highlights and an Insiders Look. Our most fun event of the year was also one of Connecticut's largest food events. Our Blogger Lounge welcomed a couple dozen food bloggers from New York to Boston, and chefs from Graham Elliott and Michael Psilakis, to many of our favorite local chefs such as Arik Bensimon (leFarm) and Matt Storch (Match).

Guide to Cooking Classes

It appears our readers love to cook (or aspire to cook) as much as they love to dine out.

"Give a man a fish and he eats for one day, but TEACH him how to bone, saute and dress up that fish, well, that’s another story. The school year has come to a close for our under-21s but we know that you hunger (pun totally intended) to learn something the kitchen." 

Top Ten Chocolate Shops & Chocolatiers

"You don't really think we believe that box of chocolates you're buying your sweetheart is bound for any place other than your own stomach, do you? Let's face it. Valentines Day is really just another excuse to feed your sweet tooth. So with that out of the way, we're stepping in to give you a list of places in your neighborhood to satisfy that craving and maybe score a few points with your honey."

Walrus & Carpenter Opens in Bridgeport

Walrus & Carpenter also happens to top our list for favorite dish this year (fried chicken) and favorite drinks (we love the bourbon flights). "The concept (brain child of proprietor Joe Farrell) is this - a slow cook BBQ house that offers haute cuisine sides and a first class beer menu where everything (except for the tequila and the pit master) is made in America."