Little Pub's "The Order of Ancient & Auld Ales" Beer Events

CTbites Team

The order of ancient and auld ales is called to order. By and large it’s been found that aging hi octane beers made them better because after a few years the alcohol mellows out and the nuances and flavors really begin to shine through. (sorry to get all wine enthusiast on you, just channeling our inner Robert Parker here.)

Armed with that knowledge, Little Pub in Ridgefield started stockpiling high octane beers whenever we could get our hands on them. “Dogfish 120? Sure send us 6 logs”, “Sierra Bigfoot? Sure send over 4 of those”, and we kept stashing and stashing like mad squirrels until we ran out of space.

Now that they're out of room it’s time to start pouring some of these beasties turned beauties.

Little Pub is going to launch a different aged beer every monday* night through the rest of the 2013 and into 2014 as well (like we said, we stashed  a lot of stuff away).  *fine print: except for Monday Dec 2 which will be moved to Tuesday Dec 3.

Here’s the line up:

nov 18: 2012 sierra bigfoot

nov 25: 2012 dogfish olde school

december 3: 2012 green flash double stout

december 9: 2012 nebco imperial stout trooper

decmebr 16: 2012 ovila abbey quad

december 23: 2012 sierra narwhal

december 30: 2012 dogfish 120

january 6: 2011 dogfish sierra  life and limb 2

Come in for all 8 and you get the official “order of ancient and auld ales”  t-shirt.  not sure what it will look like, but we have lots of  time to figure that out.