The Skinny on Thinscotti: Wafer Thin + Gluten-Free Option

Camilla Klein

Milla Pospisil won’t say how she gets her biscotti wafers so thin! All she’ll say is that it’s a family recipe she learned from her Ukrainian grandmother – a secret technique that allows her to slice them paper-thin and turn them into what she and her business partner Carissa Gulyas call Thinscotti.

These “deliciously addictive” (that’s the warning on the packaging) baked treats have been on the market since January, but have been baked in Milla’s family for generations. Now the duo, who both call Connecticut their home, have taken space at a commercial kitchen in Westport and are mixing and baking and slicing and packaging them up for local stores and coffee shops in Fairfield county.

Because they’re made with only a handful of ingredients – all natural, and no preservatives - there is something a little nostalgic about Milla’s Thinscotti. They taste a little like the cookies your own grandma would have made, just a little crunchier, a little nuttier, a LOT thinner, and just as more-ish. And because they’re sliced so thin – “the thinnest on the market,” Carissa says, each piece packs a mere seven calories, so you can go ahead and eat half the package – and you ‘ll only have 110 calories to enter into your calorie counting app.

Thinscotti comes two flavors, Toasted Almond and Dark Chocolate Almond, with plans for a Toasted Pecan Thinscotti in the works. Both flavors come in both regular and gluten-free wafers. It’s hard to tell the difference between the two! 

For those who want to give Thinscotti a try, they’re available at Chef’s Table in Fairfield, Gold’s Deli in Westport, Village Bagel in Norwalk and Palmers Market in Darien. For a more complete list of stores and more information about the company, visit or contact Milla and Carissa at