Guess The Chef Part 3: Win Westport Farmers' Market Swag

Stephanie Webster

We're back with our 3rd exciting edition of "Guess The Chef." This round, we are guessing the Chef for the October 6th dinner....

If you follow CTbites, you've likely heard their "Fork It Over" underground dinners to benefit The Westport Farmers' Market.  If not, WFM is hosting 2 more pop up dinners over the next month with both mysterious locations and guest chefs. 

The Guest Chef Cooking on October 6th gave these clues to CTbites. The FIRST PERSON TO GUESS THE CHEF BELOW WINS a basket of fabulous swag from local CT vendors courtesy of The Westport Farmers' Market. Good luck!!

What is your favorite ingredient? Right now...roasted tomato juice.  Next month? Who knows?

Hobby when not cooking? Coaching my children sports teams
What is the last dish you cooked for yourself? Shrimp & grits.  We had some ideas on how to improve it, and I ate the winner. 
Favorite Chef?  It has to be Jean Louis Palladin.  He insisted on the details. Unfortunately he passed too soon
Favorite restaurants in CT? Little Pub w/kids, StanziatosMecha, Los Portales