Kids Review: Vietnam Palace in Stratford via AsherZeats


Asher is an 8th grader at Fairfield Country Day School. He has a true passion for food and started his blog, AsherZeats, in September of 2012. Asher reviews everything from Michelin starred restaurants to great dives. This review originally ran on AsherZeats.  

“Anyone who tells a lie has not a pure heart, and cannot make a good soup. “-- Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This Saturday we traveled to Vietnam Palace (a new restaurant, opened this past June) located at- 955 Ferry Boulevard, Stratford, CT in a very busy shopping center.

When we entered, we noticed two very cool statues of lions and a statue of a Buddha. The ceilings were filled with many upside down umbrellas and the restaurant was extremely clean. We also saw that it was a family run business (the best kind of business) with a very small number of people working there. When we were seated, we were greeted by an EXTREMELY friendly Husband/Wife pair who could not be any nicer.

We quickly ordered appetizers, crispy egg rolls erupting with goodies (tender pork and juicy mushrooms), 2 yummy Summer Rolls (one with crispy delicious tofu and the other with succulent pork and shrimp), Tofu Summer Rolls, Shrimp and Pork Summer Rolls, crunchy, fresh papaya salad that was quite refreshing, Cool Refreshing Papaya Salad with Tofu and a Banh Mi Sandwich (toothsome bread with a smooth, delicious mayo, yummy lettuce, carrots, moist ham, and mouth watering pork).

One of the best Banh Mi ever!

For our main meal we had a BBQ pork bowl with divine noodles and a sauce with chopped up hot peppers in it (the sauce was to-die-for), and a plain pork bowl with luscious pork that was seasoned to perfection.

In addition my brother ordered Chicken Pho (Chicken Soup with noodles, that he said was delicious), a vegetarian bun (like pho, without the broth), and a pork bun that were all enjoyed.

We also ordered smooth, creamy bubble tea (iced coffee and lychee).

The food was UNBELIEVABLE – some of the best Vietnamese food in CT, in my opinion. In addition, the atmosphere was simple and clean. The value was out of this world for the amazing food we obtained and the kindness we were shown. The service could not be better and the Husband/Wife team was awesome. PLEASE go to Vietnam Palace and tell your friends as well!

ZZZZV= 4 1/2 Z’s= Awesome!