New Haven Meatball House

Amy Kundrat

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New Haven Meatball House

Cuisine: Comfort Food, Late Night Dining, Craft Beer 
Price: Less than $10 (per entrée)
Our Highlights: Chicken meatballs with pesto, beef meatballs with tomato sauce, black garlic mashed potatoes, spiked milkshakes
Hours: Open Daily, Monday - Thursday at 5 pm, Friday - Sunday 11:30 am
Online: Official Website | Facebook 

Four types of meatballs, four types of sauces and three ways to eat them. Do the math and that could keep any comfort food-seeking foodie returning to explore the menu at New Haven's Meatball Shop on Chapel Street. Owner Bob Potter, the man behind New Haven's popular meat mecca, Prime 16, and the East Rock neighborhood tequilar bar, c.o. jones opened New Haven Meatball House in mid-2012. Inspired by the menu and decor of New York’s Meatball Shop, Potter's take excels in its simple, yet seemingly endless iterations on meatballs. From ingredients to its pairings, New Haven Meatball Shop also boasts a solid bar scene featuring late night and happy hour specials in its dimly lit space just off the beaten path.

The menu is broken up into beef, pork, chicken and vegetable meatballs in three plated variations: “Balls with Sauce” “Sliders” and “Sandwiches” with a choice of tomato, parmesan, pesto and mushroom sauce. Side dishes include black garlic mashed potatoes (black garlic is fermented garlic with a slightly sweet flavor with hints of balsamic vinegar), spaghetti, rigatoni or mac & cheese. The chicken meatballs are intensely moist with discernible bits of carrot and onion, nicely paired with the very garlicky pesto sauce. The regular beef meatballs, a perfect density of ground beef, are best paired with their lightly cooked and bright marinara. Special meatballs, such as Red Hot flavored meatballs with blue cheese, or Thanksgiving-inspired turkey meatballs, appear on the menu nearly weekly.

Bar Scene
Libations, from craft beer and signature cocktails, collide with sweets in the form of Spiked Floats such as the Double Barrell, a combination of Bourbon, Root Beer and vanilla ice cream. Happy Hour is 5 to 7 pm during the week and 2 to 5 pm on the weekend.

New Haven Meatball House
1180 Chapel Street, New Haven
Tel 203.772.3360

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