6 Great Cleanses to Start the New Year Right

Sarah Green

What could be more appropriate for a CTbites article than to paraphrase a Shakespearan play whose title contains a tasty pork product? HAMlet, at his existential and post holiday binge worst probably also asked "To cleanse or not to cleanse...that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the gut to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous feasting, Or to take action against a sea of troubles and, by cleansing, - end them. Don't worry. And don't bother with the nunnery. Instead, get thee to one of the establishments listed below and sample a cleanse to rid yourself of post-food-orgy regret.

Start the new year by taking care of your body with one of these 6 great cleanses:

Kaia Cafe

The beginning of a new year is a great time to recharge, rejuvenate and renew.  Kaia Café in Westport and Greenwich has launched a Kaia Pure Juice Cleanse program that makes it easy to re-boot your system. With one, two and three day juice cleanse packages, this cleanse will systematically cleanse your internal organs and purify your skin. To further enhance your juice cleanse and increase the benefits, add-on Kaia Café's Fresh Start Food Cleanse.  A one or two day option to add to the beginning and end of your juice cleanse.  Allowing you to maximize your results and cleanse for 3-7 days. People do cleanses for a lot of reasons; they are a great way to break the sugar habit, shed extra water, clean out the toxins and follow through on your resolution to getting and staying healthy in the New Year.  More info on their web site

Green & Tonic

Green & Tonic is the brainchild of a handful of friends – two chefs, a nutritionist, a fitness expert and personal trainer, a businessman, and a mom -- all of whom came to the table, so to speak, with different challenges but the same goal-- to offer an authentic, wholesome, flexible, long-term strategy for leading a full and healthy life. They have two convenient locations in Darien and Greenwich. 

The “Original Reset Program” is designed to jumpstart your focus on clean eating. It includes an assortment of cold pressed juices, and nutrient-dense foods to keep you feeling strong all day.  NOURISH, ENERGIZE, PURIFY & REVIVE YOUR BODY! For more information, as well as the daily menu, check out their web site. 

The Stand Juice Company

The Stand Juice Company is the love child of Mike and Carissa Hvizdo.  Starting as a home business in 2005 where they doled out hundreds of fresh made juice cleanses each morning and delivered them to local yoga studios and fitness facilities.  Fast forward 7 years, two juice bar/cafe locations and thousands and thousands of cleanses later, The Stand Juice Company and the Hvizdos are still committed to the mindfullness and connectedness that they started with.  The Stand Juice Company’s detox cleanse program is personally handled by Mike and Carissa and is always...Fresh. Organic. and as local as possible.  More info here


SHE 3 is Barre Fitness and Wellness Boutique Studio in Fairfield focused on Strength, Health & Empowerment. Their “Holistic Eating, Whole Living, Nutritional Cleanse Program" is a 28 day detox de-stress  cleanse program based primarily on whole food eating, (no juicing in this cleanse-) simply eating whole foods , while eliminating allergen potential foods. THE RESULT:  no more bloating, weight gain, fogginess, coughing, muscle aches, tiredness, headaches plus more! Includes  4 weekly meetings for nutritional tips and & group support. Professional grade vitamins & nutritional products designed for your specific needs, daily coaching (including daily recipes) for positive support and reinforcement thru emails, private facebook  group for our  cleanse group community, a clean eating tour at a local supermarket, exercise and relaxation techniques to ensure a lifetime of feeling your best. Next cleanse begins JANUARY 9th. CT Bites customers will receive a 10% discount.  Visit our website or call at 203-505-SHE3 (7433) to view specfic details and to enroll


Cell-nique is a super green drink with 31 USDA organic super foods in every glass bottle.  This powerful formula cleanses, alkalizes and energizes your cells gently on a daily basis. Vegan, gluten-free and low-glycemic, Cell-nique is one of the healthiest energy drinks available on the market. Cell-nique drinks can be found at Whole Foods, Chef’s Table, Nature’s Temptations and other local markets. Check their web site for additional retail locations. 

Catch A Healthy Habit

Catch A Healthy Habit, recently celebrating 3 great years in Fairfield, offers the Catch A Healthy Habit Juice Cleanse once a month for 5 days. The cleanse consists of 4 juices, a blended soup and a superfood smoothie. The offerings are made fresh from organic ingredients every day. Participants pick up their goodies every morning and are also offered herbal teas, wheatgrass and ginger shots during the week as well as special promotions during the weekend after the cleanse. People have been know to enjoy a 'lighter' feeling, kick unwanted food cravings, increase mental clarity, improve sleep & have more energy! after participating in the cleanse. The next cleanse starts January 7, 2013. More info here.