Sono Baking Co: 5 Tips for Perfect Pie Dough

Stephanie Webster

Pie baking is a both a science and an art, and John Barricelli of Sono Baking Company knows all the tricks. John has been baking the old fashioned way at Sono Baking Company since the very beginning, no short cuts, just fresh ingredients and skill that comes from a lifetime covered in flour. 

As part of our Invites program, John Barricelli hosted two "Pie & Dough Making" classes for aspiring bakers. Guests arrived donning aprons and toting rolling pins. Here's what we learned:

5 Tips for Perfect Pie Dough

Tip #1: Calibrate your oven's temperate & make sure that your oven is level.

Tip #2: Cold Ingredients are a must! Refrigerate ALL ingredients including: sugar, flour, butter, salt etc. For best results, refrigerate again after cutting butter and before mixing ingredients. 

Tip #3: When rolling pie dough, square up your hips to the counter & move the dough clockwise on the surface to achieve an even thickness. DO NOT move your body.

Tip #4: Do NOT over-flour your work surface (or it changes the recipe). Use a spatula to release dough from surface, NOT extra flour.

Tip #5: Start high...end low. Start your pie baking at 425-450 degrees to cook the bottom of your crust and then move temperature down to approximately 350 degrees to cook filling. 

P.S.: Work fast