September is Hunger Action Month: Here's How to Help

CTbites Team

Connecticut Food Bank, in conjunction with Feeding America, marks national Hunger Action Month each September when we, along with our partners in the fight against hunger, mobilize everyone everywhere to get involved in ending hunger in America

Nationwide, one in six Americans struggles with hunger. We can do better as a community and we must do better. That’s why Connecticut Food Bank and our national network of food banks are asking everyone to “Speak Out Against Hunger” in Connecticut

ORGANIZE a virtual food drive to benefit Connecticut Food Bank or a food/fund drive to benefit your local food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter.

VOLUNTEER at Connecticut Food Bank or your local food pantry, soup kitchen or shelter.

EXPERIENCE the SNAP (Food Stamp) Challenge and see firsthand what it’s like to live on $4 a day for food

SKIP your daily latte or coffee for a week and donate your savings to Connecticut Food Bank.

• WEAR orange as part of a nation-wide effort on September 6, 2012, to show your support.

• ADVOCATE for those who struggle to keep food on the table by educating yourself and your friends and family about the problem of hunger in your community.

 SHARE a hunger fact with your friends online.

Get involved by downloading a pdf of our “30 Ways in 30 Days“ Hunger Action Month calendar for suggestions and for display.

Also, check out our daily Facebook and Twitter updates for updates and infornation.