The Winners of the Beach Burger Contest...


A mouthwatering hamburger is one of life’s simple pleasures. And when you can elevate this 100+ year old culinary delight to another level, it makes for great eating. Schedules finally allowed for the tasting and voting for Beach Burger’s CTbites’ Burger and it was a night filled with serious eating, drinking and some tough decisions on which of the entries would win. All of the combinations were brilliantly conceived and each brought a different combination of flavors. There were Italian, Latin, Southeast Asian and good old fashioned Southern combinations in the hamburger finalists plus Caribbean and childhood memories in the milk shakes recipes. After sampling five excellent hamburgers and three delicious milk shakes, the judges were torn between two in each category.

But contests are made for winners, so CTbites is pleased to announce that the new additions to Beach Burger’s menu are:

The CTbites Hamburger – “Black and Blue Burger” submitted Lee.  Blue Cheese stuffed patty, blackening spice, Sriracha blue cheese dressing, bacon, shredded lettuce, crispy fried onions, and tomato

The CTbites Milk Shake - “Tropical Paradise” submitted by Blanca Ortiz. Pina colada milk shake with coconut ice cream and pineapple chunks blended with whip cream on top

The two winners, Lee and Blanca Ortiz, will each receive a coupon redeemable for four hamburger combinations and four milk shakes at either Beach Burger location. 

But all of the combinations were fantastic and Anthony Luciani, owner of Beach Burger may include one or more of them as specialty burger in the future. And in recognition of all the great finalist entries, each of the other finalists will receive a coupon redeemable for two hamburger combinations plus two milk shakes.

Thanks again for all of the great entries and stay tuned for the next CTbites naming contest.

Norwalk Beach Burger - 10 1st St Norwalk · (203) 956-5767

Stamford Beach Burger - Harbor Point #1, 100 Washington Blvd., Stamford, CT

[Photography courtesy of Kate Schlesinger]