Carpe Diem Owner to Open Tapas Restaurant in New Canaan

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger
Great news for New Canaan. Alan Basaran, owner of Carpe Diem, told CTbites that he will open a second restaurant at 15 Elm St., the location that formerly housed Harvest Supper. The menu at the new, currently unnamed, restaurant will feature Spanish Tapas and deliver the same high-quality food that guests receive at Carpe Diem.
When CTbites spoke with Basaran he stated, "The people of New Canaan have been fantastic at Carpe Diem, and I always planned on opening a second restaurant in town. The timing and the location were perfect and I really look forward to bringing a Spanish menu to my friends and customers." With an early fall 2012 planned opening, Basaran is busy planning the decor and the menu to deliver more delicious food to his guests in New Canaan.
Stay tuned as CTbites prepares its "Behind the Scenes" with Alan Basaran and the new chef.