Bonda Chef Jamie Cooper @ Westport Farmers' Market

CTbites Team

Jamie Cooper, Head Chef and Owner of Bonda in Fairfield, will be offering a Summer Farm Salad at the Westport Farmers’ Market on Thursday, June 28th between 10 am and 2 pm.

Chef Cooper’s inspiration for his appearance at the Market came from Riverbank Farm in Roxbury, CT.   He will be assembling a simple summer salad with all ingredients sourced locally from Riverbank Farm.  His demonstration will not only show how light and delicious dinner can be, but just how easy it is to shop locally. Cooper will compile a mix of crisp sugar snap peas, scallions, ripe gold tomatoes, and fresh fennel topped it off with a refreshing lime basil vinaigrette.  As the heat continues to beat down, there is something so satisfying about a summer salad and a meal that leaves the market 90% complete.

Chef Cooper is a friendly face, known by those who frequent his restaurant for his welcoming and warm personality. Cooper makes a point to spend part of his Saturdays at the Greenfield Hill Farmers’ Market, conveniently located right outside his door, and stock up for the coming week.  Although the kitchen keeps him busy and away from the Westport Farmers’ Market more than he’d like, his wife and son gladly take on that responsibility and regularly return with a full report as well as bags filled with surprises.  

If you don’t have a chance to make it to the Market this Thursday, I highly recommend checking out Bonda’s website and the events they have coming up.  Bonda has an exciting summer planned, beginning with a series of magical, intimate dinners held nightly from July 11th- 15th.  These evenings will take place outdoors “en plein air” and begin with a relaxing cocktail hour followed by a four-course dinner designed by Chef Cooper. There is something enchanting about a summer night spent outside with good friends and great food ☺ Hope to see you all at the market!