Gold Coast Gourmet: Freezer...Meet Mark

Sarah Green

Freezer, meet Mark. 

Mark Seigel, owner and purveyor of GOLD COAST GOURMET for the past 22 years, will be your freezer's best friend - reliable and ALWAYS there when you need him. I was lucky enough to be referred to Mark by a Westport friend (he only works by referrals, no door-to-door harassment) and just in the nick of time. With Memorial Day weekend and the warm summer months approaching, there is enormous potential for a lot of home entertaining with many  "Mom, I also brought the rest of the team home for dinner " possibilities.  If you are like me, this can cause some major anxiety. This year, no problemo. Gold Coast Gourmet provides home delivery of prime meats, gourmet seafood and much, much more. The great thing about this service is that you are purchasing items by the "box" meaning that most things come in individually wrapped, perfectly manageable, flash-frozen portions. Extra guests? In my house, my mom would look at us and whisper, "FHB" which meant "Family Hold Back" so that the extra guests could be served. No more FHB with Mark around. There's always plenty. Don't have an extra freezer? No problem. Mark will bring you a freezer and you can buy it from him at cost. But enough about the logistics, let's get down to the menu. 

Some things just can't be beat. The delectable BABY BACK RIBS, flown up from the deep south, marinated and fully cooked so that you can throw them on the BBQ right from the freezer, are delicious. The BOURBON SIRLOINS are scrumptious and the FILET is tender, juicy and top quality. The WILD SALMON STEAKS taste like they were caught just moments ago and the portions are ample. The SCAMPI SHRIMP KEBABS actually had my kids begging for more. This weekend we had extra, unexpected guests for our BBQ. Luckily, I had SLIDERS by the dozen, each individually wrapped and ready to grill. Though they were on the thin side, they were perfect for the kids. (The regular BURGERS are plump and just the right size.) The SUSHI GRADE TUNA melts in your mouth and the CRAB CAKES, flown in from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, are solid. I am a Maryland girl myself - I know crab cakes! Tonight we are trying the LEMON CHICKEN, also pre-broiled and ready to throw on the grill. 

And just in case you were wondering... most of the beef is grass-fed and organic. All fish is wild, except for the Tilapia options as Tilapia is always a farmed fish. Chicken is organic as well, except for anything that is already "parmigianno-ed." 

Gold Coast Gourmet has a vast menu and it doesn't end with meat and fish. Stock up on Hor D'oeuvres that you can heat and serve at a moment's notice. How about MINI LOBSTER SCAMPI PUFFS or COCONUT SHRIMP? Mark offers MINI KOBE BURGERS and MINI QUICHES and even PIZZA BAGELS and much more.  There are KEBABS, (with or without VEGETABLES), RIB VEAL CHOPS, HONEY BAKED SPIRAL HAMS as well as VEGETABLE and MEAT LASAGNA. The list is endless. 

Mark will discus delivery and price with you when you meet with him or speak on the phone. He is very reasonable and the quality is excellent.  GOLD COAST GOURMET delivers all over Fairfield County as well as to the Hamptons, Westchester, NYC, Long Island, New Jersey and other towns in Connecticut. Hey, my freezer is purring. Life is good.

GOLD COAST GOURMET - Phone 516-526-9667 or email

Mark Seigel, President