Dolce Cubano Rum Bar & Restaurant Coming to Stamford Waterfront


The waterfront dining scene in Stamford is about to get a whole lot spicier, and OmNomCT has the scoop on a new restaurant concept from a familiar team. 

If you’re familiar with Stamford restaurants by the water, you’ve probably had some food and drink down at Paradise Grill (next to The Crab Shell).  And if you’re familiar with what really great food is, then you were probably disappointed. With such a great spot, it could’ve been so much more! Well, it will be because Paradise Grill is gone and a new kind of paradise is taking over from Nick Racanelli Sr. & Jr., owners of the beloved Pizzeria Molto Wine Bar in Fairfield and Zaza Italian Gastrobar in Stamford. Yup, the new restaurant is called Dolce Cubano Restaurant and Rum Bar.

Oh heck yeah.  When’s the last time (if ever) you hit up a rum bar and you weren’t at some sort of tropical destination? And, in addition to a ton of rum drinks, there will be wine, beer, mixed drinks and dishes of Cuban meets Italian cuisine. -- via OmNomCT

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