Match & Grey Goose Co-owners to Open New Restaurant in Fairfield

CTbites Team

Fairfield will be the destination for one of the liveliest new restaurants to open in Fairfield County this year. The original trio behind Match in SoNo, Scott Beck, Matt Storch and Kevin McHugh, are the brains, culinary brawn and co-owners who just inked a deal to build-out and run a soon-to-be-named restaurant slated to open early summer 2012. The new venue will reside in the heart of Fairfield in the former location of Greenhouse Grill on Unquowa Place. 

The restaurant will feature a “global-classics" menu with several small plates to encourage sharing, a lively bar, sidewalk dining, an opening façade and ample free parking...not to mention one of Connecticut’s most talented chefs.  Joining forces to create this new Fairfield spot: Scott Beck, co-owner of Match and The Loft in South Norwalk, and Tavern in Monroe; Matt Storch, Chef and co-owner of Match in South Norwalk; and Kevin McHugh, Co-Owner of Grey Goose in Southport and Spotted Horse in Westport.

With fifty-plus years of collective restaurant experience together under one roof, Beck, McHugh and Storch are excited to announce this deal and begin crafting what they believe will be a unique dining destination in Fairfield County.

“I’ve been looking for the right opportunity in Fairfield for a long time. I’m excited that we were able to bring this team back together, and that we found such a great location for our vision,” said Beck.

Chef Matt Storch will be the talent behind the food, building the menu and overseeing the kitchen.

"The ideas are flowing onto paper, I want this food to make everyone smile, it’s making me smile just thinking of it. Think global classics with the Matt Storch twist. I’ll be creating the menu, overseeing the kitchen and service, and joining everyone for some snacks and beverages seeing that I live down the street!" said Matt Storch, Co-Owner and Chef.

Kevin McHugh, a familiar name in restaurant design and ownership will be overseeing the design and build-out at the Fairfield restaurant along with Architect Rick Hoag.

 “Looking at this interesting free standing building with its attached greenhouse, I envision a cottage-like space with reclaimed barn siding, stone, heavy beams and iron gates, all with modern accents. The redesigned warm and cozy atmosphere, combined with the excellent food, will be a fantastic and welcome addition to one of Fairfield County’s most beautiful towns." says Kevin McHugh.

We will keep you posted on all the latest news regarding this build out. Stay tuned.