Video: Chef Matt Storch Demos Pomegranate Braised Short Ribs w Pea Puree

Stephanie Webster

Live from CTbites global headquarters, Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant launches the CTbites Chef Demo Video series. Watch and learn people.

Matt Storch's recipe for Pomegranate-Orange Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs With Pea Puree takes a classic winter dish and re-imagines it for spring with vibrant fresh peas. Get great tips as you watch Chef Storch review the basics of braising in this beautiful dish. 

If you have a chef or recipe you would like to see on CTbites, let us know. 

Pomegranate-Orange Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs w Pea Puree

Serves 4 appetizer size portions

4 pieces Boneless beef short ribs cut into 2” squares (about 12 pieces) or 2lbs

4 cloves Garlic (peeled) and smashed

¼ cup Blend oil

2 sprigs Rosemary

2 sprigs Thyme

4 cups Pomegranate juice

5 each Oranges (juiced)

4 cups Veal stock

1lb Mirepoix 

3lbs Fresh Peas in the pod

1bag Frozen Peas

1 each Large Carrot (cut into an extremely small dice) 

  1. Season meat heavily with salt and pepper
  2. Sear in very hot sauté pan with blended oil
  3. Place short ribs, rosemary, thyme, juices, stock, and mirepoix in a braiser (any deep oven proof pot with a lid).
  4. Bring to a boil and place in a preheated 300 degree oven for about 2 hours or until tender.
  5. Remove meat from liquid and reduce the sauce by half, skimming the grease and impurities that rise to the surface.
  6. For the pea puree…shuck the peas and reserve.  Sauté the pods, cover with water and simmer for one hour.  Blanch fresh peas in boiling water.  Add ½ of the hot pea stock, frozen peas, and half the fresh peas to the blender.  Blend until smooth and season with salt and pepper.
  7. To plate…cover the base of the plates with the pea puree, top with short ribs, glaze with braising sauce, and sprinkle with small dice carrots.