Westport Votes YES to Pop-up Cafes via Daily Westport

Stephanie Webster

This just in from The Daily Westport...

WESTPORT, Conn. – More outdoor seating areas may be popping-up in downtown Westport this spring. On Wednesday, the Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a policy that allows the creation of pop-up cafes and pop-up seating along certain one-way streets.

This new policy will permit merchants along Main Street and other one-way roads to install on-street cafes or seating areas in converted curbside parking spaces outside their businesses. The policy was created by Planning and Zoning Commissioner Howard Lathrop and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Jennifer Johnson, with help from Assistant Town Attorney Gail Kelly.

“If you look at the policy, we wanted to make it broad enough not to exclude retail businesses from doing this,” said Johnson after the meeting. “This will actually allow both pop-up cafes and pop-up seating.” --Vanessa Inzitari

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[Photo courtesy of The Daily Westport]