Champagne Tasting Event @ Nicholas Roberts Fine Wine Dec 16

Emma Jane-Doody Stetson

The holiday season sparkles, and now your wine can too!  On Sunday December 16, Nicholas Roberts Fine Wine will hold a champagne tasting from 1-4pm.  The event is particularly special; it will feature selections known as “grower” champagnes.  The designation indicates that 100% of the product was grown by the person whose name appears on the bottle.   The bond between grower and wine results in champagne that is finely crafted, expressive, and artistic.

Owner Peter Troilo is excited to give people the opportunity to try this lesser known part of the champagne market.  He first encountered the wine four years ago and immediately gained respect for it.  “I never looked backed,” he recalls.

Guests will be able to taste ten wines from the portfolio of Terry Theise, affectionately dubbed the “Terror of Terroir.”  Theise, known for his role as champion of small producers, has merited a James Beard Foundation medal for the nation's outstanding wine and spirits professional.   Each wine will herald from a different grower and boast a style that is uniquely its own.  The bottles will be available to purchase that day, or they can be pre-ordered for the holiday.

There is no cost for the event, and guests can enjoy “a casual, walk-through setting.”  Troilo as well as distributor Peter Slywka, will be on hand to answer questions about the wine and introduce the exciting world of grower champagne.