Bar Sugo Opening Brings Killer Pizza to Norwalk...Again!

Jeff "jfood" Schlesinger

For those who have longed for one of Chef Pat Pascarella memorable pizzas at Cortina Pizzeria in Norwalk, the wait is almost over. This weekend, Pascarella's newest venture, Bar Sugo opens at 104 Wall Street in Norwalk with more combinations of one of the best pizzas in CT. Over the last two months, Pascarella and his partners have been busy redesigning the new location to give that little bit of Italy feel. The floors were converted to a traditional red and white checkerboard, the beautiful new bar was installed and the kitchen is now ready for the guests to enjoy both pizzas and many other delicious Italian options.  

Since pizza was the cornerstone of Cortina, Bar Sugo will serve numerous pizza combinations, from a simple Burrata or a Margherita to the wonderful flavor combinations of the 2012 CTbites winning braised short rib topped with several roasted eggs. But the pizza is just the beginning of the cuisine. Chef Pat has been busy testing numerous varieties of meatballs, including one stuffed with foie gras as well as a tribute to his culinary mentor, his mom, with the inclusion of "Mommy's Meatballs." And for those indecisive meatball aficionados, Chef Pat will make your decision easy by offering a meatball sampler. 

For guests looking for a lighter meal, Bar Sugo will also offer a selection of small plated Italian appetizers, from calamari, bone marrow and octopus; a variety of cured meats (I understand a interesting delivery from Craft Butchery will soon become a house-made Head Cheese) and cheeses, plus an array of braises, crudos and salads. And the menu continues into pasta options; including many of Chef Pat's creations from seasonal gnocchi, to variations of Bolognese, carbonara, and some interesting raviolis.

Stay tuned as Chef Pat's Bar Sugo opens this weekend and CTbites' visits for a more detailed review in the upcoming weeks.


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