Nothin' But Granola Bars Make it Big @ Le Pain Quotidien

CTbites Team

Big news for a local baker whose career CTbites has followed from the very beginning. Westport based NOTHIN’ BUT Premium Snack Bars have just announced that they have created a specialty blend granola bar for Le Pain Quotidien, an international chain of bakery cafes. Several months ago Nothin' But CEO, Steven Laitmon, and Jerri Graham, the founder and creator of the company, approached Le Pain with the idea of making a proprietary blended granola bar. Receptive about a Premium Snack Bar that could capture their commitment to excellence, the team at Le Pain readily agreed. Back home in Westport, Jerri and Steven set to work and started the process of crafting various combinations until they achieved what they felt was perfection. 

The Le Pain Quotidien Almond Currant Cranberry Hazelnut bar, like the other four blends of NOTHIN’ BUT Premium Snack Bars is 100% natural. It combines a balanced blend of hazelnuts, organic coconut, almonds, and almond meal are lightly toasted before being mixed with organic oats, cranberries, currants, and raisins. Quinoa puffs are also a part of this signature blend adding a light crunch that pops on the palate. 

The bars are currently being trialed in Connecticut at the New Canaan, Greenwich, and Stamford Le Pain Quotidiens as well as at their location in Rye, New York. 

Congratulations Nothin' But. We look forward to your National debut.