Darien Farmers' Market: Open Through November!

James Gribbon

The Darien Farmers' Market opens in May and runs into November, offering a wide variety of seasonal edibles. The market appears Wednesdays on Mechanic St., tucked between the Darien firehouse on the Post Rd. and the Goodwives shopping center. Berries and seedlings start off the year when a trip to the market requires outerwear, and week by week, the cornucopia fills to overflowing with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, celeriac, kohlrabi, meats, cheeses, baked goods and brussels sprouts - still on the stalk and looking like some type of Aztec war club - by the time jackets are again required pre-dining wear.

Vendors include: Beaver Brook Farms, Gazy Brothers Farm, Greenscapes, Newgate Farms, Plasko's Farm, Riverbank Certified Organic Farm, Smith's Acres, Woodland Farm and Whistle Stop Bakery. Your occasionally humble author is partial to the apple cider donuts from Plasko's and the cheeses from Beaver Brook. The market is well attended, but not crowded, and overflow parking can always be found in the parking lot behind the Darien Burgers, Shakes & Fries. 

Most of the produce on offer is raw, but prepared stews and soups, sauces and spreads, pickles and other local delicacies can be found. Potted herbs and decorative plants are available for purchase, interspersed amongst the NOM NOMs. 

It still blows my mind that Adult Me actively seeks out vegetables to purchase and consume - something Kid Me would probably view as either traitorous or evidence of replacement by alien pod - but I like this market, and apparently others do, too. The Darien Farmers' Market was voted the best on Connecticut's "Gold Coast" in 2006-08 by readers of Moffley Publications' magazines. 

Go see for yourself, or log onto darienfarmersmarket.net for more information.