Kids Review: Bond Grill Hibachi and Asian Bistro in Norwalk

Carly Monson

Carly Monson is our roving 10 yrs old food critic. She hopes to get Fairfield County kids excited about eating in new venues like this one...

 Do you love to have fun while eating delicious food? Well, then Bond Grill Hibachi and Asian Bistro in Norwalk, C.T. is the perfect restaurant for you!

I felt very welcomed when I first walked in. Bond looks very modern and most Asian restaurants look very ancient. Bond offers Hibachi and traditional Asia food, we chose Hibachi.  The Hibachi dining room has a totally different vibe (from the main dining area), you feel like you’re in Asia. The walls are painted a dirty green and the texture looks created by hand.

Our waiter came over to take our beverage order very quickly. Soup and salad come with the hibachi meal.. The salad tasted wonderful, the lettuce was crunchy and the ginger dressing was super sweet (just the way I like it)! The soup is normally clear broth, but I substituted mine for Miso.  The soup was very hot so I had to let it cool before I could taste it. When I swallowed my first sip of Miso soup I thought mmm delicious! The soup tasted salty and amazing. I loved it.

While enjoying our soup and salad our Hibachi chef came. He introduced himself and told us that his English name was William and his Japanese name was Sun. He reviewed each persons order to make sure it was correct. And then the fun began.   Sun started playing music with his cooking tools. I have seen Hibachi chefs spin these tools before (which Sun also did) but I had never seen them make music.   Sun then covered the grill in cooking oil and ignited the oil.  Sun threw broccoli into my brother’s mouth,. The first time he didn’t catch it but the second time he did!!! After, Sun made an onion volcano (higher than most onion volcanoes) and put the fire from the grill to the volcano with his hands! The fire wasn’t even touching the volcano. There was steam coming out of the volcano and above the steam was the fire.  It was awesome.  Finally Sun started cooking the food.

The vegetables went on the grill first and then the chicken.   After that he cooked the noodles and Sun shared them with everyone.  Next there he put the shrimp, scallops and steak on the grill. I slurped up a bite of noodles and thought that they were kind of salty and kind of sweet! Overall they were delicious!   Once the steak was done cooking Sun chopped it up and gave some to my mom, my grandma, my grandpa and me. I thought that the steak tasted very tender,  peppery (definitely in a good way) and very juicy.  Sun gave my brother his shrimp and everybody else one piece too. I thought that shrimp tasted smoky, juicy, and it was very stringy. My dad ordered scallops.  He gave me a piece to try and I thought they tasted really good. They were very salty and surprisingly tart, but very delicious. The vegetables were finally ready. The onions were garlicky and salty, and the broccoli tasted smoky and salty.  Finally my grandma’s chicken was ready. My grandma gave me a taste. I thought that it tasted tender, peppery and smoky.

When I was done eating I was certainly stuffed.  However, I was stuffed with delicious food. So if you’re looking for a place to celebrate or just a fun restaurant then Bond Grill is the restaurant for you!

Note: You may have noticed that I repeated the word salty in this review.  Asians cook with a lot of soy sauce.  Soy sauce makes most foods taste salty.

 I give Bond Grill 4 pickles!!!!

Bond Grill Hibachi and Asian Bistro 250 Westport Ave, Norwalk (203) 846-850


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