Tim LaBant @ The Westport Farmers' Mkt

Liz Rueven

Tim LaBant, Chef and owner of The Schoolhouse Restaurant at Cannondale,  will be cooking at the Westport Farmers’ Market on July 14.

LaBant will be cooling his fans with HERBAL SNOW CONES as the temperatures continue to hold steady in the 90’s.  Simple foods and icy treats are what we crave in this weather and LaBant obliges.  Herb infused simple syrups mixed with freshly squeezed juices combine to make FRUIT FLAVORED HERBED ICES served in paper cones.  Stroll the market with his refreshing creation and note the exotic combinations of distinctive flavors like GREEN TEA PEAR, WATERMELON BASIL, WATERMELON MINT, LEMON PRICKLY PEAR or PINEAPPLE PEPPER.

LaBant sources regularly from his neighbors at  Millstone Farm in Wilton. He may surprise shoppers with an additional dish, utilizing ingredients he discovers from other vendors at market. I’ve heard murmurs about a mixed green salad with cherries, mint and Beltane’s goat cheese. We can only hope.

Shoppers and eaters in the know come early onThursdays to sample what’s cooking by a rotating roster of local chefs presenting each week.  LaBant will be there to chat,  (help) chill and serve until his creations run out.