Connie's Cakes of Westport: Nostalgically Delicious

Stephanie Webster

David Evans knows a thing or two about coffee cake…and I don't mean those cloying jobs you find at the local deli. We are talking classic Midwest coffee cake, simply baked and conservatively dressed with streusel, but Connie's Cakes are based right here in Westport. David Evans launched this brunch-friendly brand in response to the throngs of people who reminisced about his mother Connie's coveted coffee and carrot cake when she passed away in 2008. In Indianapolis Connie's Cakes were legendary, a sought after nosh at every local event. In his new venture, Dave Evans has brought back a piece of his family, enabling Connie's recipes to live on. 

Connie and her family, Indianapolis 1956What's so great about these old recipes scrawled on index cards long ago? The Connie's coffee cake experience is almost zen. "The key to the coffee cake's success," says Dave Evans "is its simplicity, and the satisfaction it bestows to the consumer." It is a simple eight inch square of moist coffee cake with a dusting of streusel and raisin topping. The slight tang from the sour cream is perfectly balanced with the lightly sweet exterior. The result...a baked good that confidently walks the line between breakfast treat and dessert. 

Connie’s carrot cake bears a similar attention to detail, but the result is much more decadent. Made with organic ingredients, the cake is rich with delicate slivers of carrot, flour-coated dark chocolate morsels, and an occasional plump golden raisins (pre-boiled to lock in the moisture). "The carrot cake has an amazing mix of ingredients that I guard most closely (think secret formula to Coca-Cola)" says Evans. Again, this cake is not overly sweet and wonderfully moist (even after several days in the fridge, I noted). The hint of fresh lemon juice in the icing and the unsweetened chocolate drizzle speak to the subtle touch of a gifted baker. This is carrot cake as it should be. 

So where can you purchase these nostalgic treats? Dave says he does not have plans to open a retail store any time soon, but Connie’s Cakes can be ordered onlineand picked up at CakeSuite in Westport (47 Saugatuck Avenue in Westport), where he currently bakes. Free delivery is also available in the Westport area (no charge if within ten miles of Westport) for orders of 3 or more cakes. Customers can conveniently pay through secure PayPal site, cash or check payable to Connie's Cakes.

Retail price for these is $24 for coffee cake, $38 for carrot cake (both 8X8 inch sizes, and weigh about two pounds per cake so quite substantial for a meal or "event."

Note: The carrot cake should be stored chilled until 45 minutes before serving for a perfect experience.  Both cakes can be frozen for up to two months, but this works better for the carrot cake 

Connie's Cakes can be found online at You can also place an order by calling 203.952.5427 or emailing