Thimble Island Oyster CSF for New Haven

Amy Kundrat

This CSA's are for land lubbers only? Think again. 

The Thimble Island Community Supported Fisheries program is a joint venture between Miya's Sushi Restaurant and Thimble Island Oyster Co. modeled on land-based CSA's. This program is a way for seafood lovers to eat local, help restore the shoreline’s ocean ecosystem, and support local shellfish farmers.

This program is designed for New Haven, so it's currently only available for people located in the New Haven-Guilford-Madison. This is admittedly too far for many folks who live and work in Fairfield County but for those of you who work in or around the Elm City, this could work for you. It also begs the question, why not a Fairfield County CSF?

The Thimble Island Oyster CSF works by member-supported fees that are paid against the farm’s operating costs. In return for the $150 membership fee, each member receives a monthly share of the shellfish harvest of a dozen oysters and two dozen clams each month for 6 months, harvested the morning of delivery from June through November. There are two pickup locations in New Haven at Miya's Sushi Restaurant and the second is located on the Stony Creek dock in Branford.

Thimble Island oysters are deep water organic oysters known as Thimble Island salts, and are characterised by "a deep cup and high meat-to-shell ratio." They are raised on a 60 acre farm in the Thimble Islands of Long Island Sound.

More information at or you can download the membership form, here.