Honey "Tasting" @ Red Bee Apiary May 29th

Stephanie Webster

On May 29th, Beekeeper and Honey Sommelier, Marina Marchese of Red Bee Apiary will be leading a "Honey Tasting" at her apiary in Weston. Guests will learn how honeybees make this liquid gold we call honey, how location and nectar source determines a honeys color and flavor and how honey is harvested and extracted from the hive. 

Red Bee honey tastings are formal, white linen events where guest are treated to a tour of Red Bee Apiary, a honeybee talk then gather at farmhouse style tables to taste and evaluate artisanal honeys. Participants will be encouraged to engage their curiosity through discussions while learning about the many types and styles of unique nectar sources. Each menu is a carefully orchestrated "Tasting Flight" of seven single-origin local honeys and seven perfectly paired with locally produced pair with seasonal accompaniments; cheese, fruit, chocolate, nuts, bread, spices or herbs. 

Tasting events last 90 minutes, including Q&A and a book signing afterwards. Events are limited to 30 guest. A twenty minute reception to welcome guest can be included before the event. 

When: Sunday, May 29, 2011 from 1:00 pm until 3:00 pm. This event takes place outside at Red Bee in the apiary gardens.

Cost: $35.00 per guest.  Buy tickets here!
RSVP and pre-payment is required to reserve your spot. 

Where: Red Bee ® Apiary and Gardens, Weston, CT

If you would like Marina to plan a personalized Honey Tasting event, email her at redbeehoney@gmail.com.