A Conversation with Joe Bastianich

Amy Kundrat

We are counting the days to the opening of Tarry Lodge Enoteca and Pizzeria this summer, Batali and Bastianich's latest restaurant venture poised to open in Westport. Located in the space formerly occupied by Abbondanza, this latest incarnation of the Tarry Lodge concept is lending momentum to the revitalization of the Saugatuck waterfront project. Hungry for more details, we had a quick chat with Greenwich resident Joe Bastianich about the opening, what we can expect from the menu, and why of all places they chose Westport, Connecticut.

When will you be opening Tarry Lodge Enoteca and Pizzeria?

We should be open in late June.

Why Westport, CT?

It was far enough from Greenwich and Port Chester and I like the town and customer base there.

Are you contemplating other locations in Connecticut?

Yes, definitely.

What will be your focus of the menu?

Very similar to Tarry Lodge, slightly more informal. Pizza and antipasto will be a major component. Lighter style and more grilled items.  We'll adapt our food purveyors so its also done locally. The pizza will also be a focus. Our pizzaioli is Mario LaPosta who will be there full time, he's very talented. 

What are you most excited about with the new location?

I love the building, the old gas station has an old industrial feel to it. And I really like Westport and getting to know the neighborhood.

Who will be in the kitchen?

Nancy [Seltzer] and Andy [Nusser], our partners in Tarry Lodge in Port Chester will be running the show. They'll be splitting their time between Port Chester and Westport.

What are some of your favorite


s in Fairfield County?

When I get up that way, I like the

Dressing Room




place in Rowayton. I also like leFarm and Restaurant North in Armonk.

Tell me about the wine.

We'll have about 50 wines, many under 50.

Will you open a market similar to your Port Chester market?

No. We have one market and it's just not duplicable. We may have a small retail component but not a market.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Finding real estate and a great location first, really. Once you have that, it all falls into place. And of course, travel to lots of different places.