Crossing the River: Jordan's Restaurant in Westport

Sarah Green

There is a powerfully moving gospel song about crossing the River Jordan, but the fact that Jordan's of Norwalk recently crossed the River Saugatuck into Westport is what makes my wayward soul call out "Hallelujah!" Jordan's Restaurant and Pizza is a tried and true Greek/Italian establishment with FAMILY RUN written all over it. Pappa Nikos (Nick) and Mama Haroula (Carol) Ouzounidis came from their tiny town of Agios Loukas in Greece to Connecticut in the 70's and bought the original Jordan's at 369 Westport Ave in Norwalk. Now, with three locations to oversee, the three Ouzounidis children are taking over at the helm to keep things running smoothly, And with that honor, there is a dish named for each child - there's John's (Ionnis) Bread (with ricotta, melted mozzerella and marinara sauce), Lazaros (Larry) Chicken (sauteed with tomato, feta and garlic), and my drug of choice, the Kitsa Pella Salad (which you can read about in detail in my Colossal Salad review from last year.) Three nieces are on hand to help out and they have certainly made a believer out of me.

The new Jordan's is across from Stop and Shop in Westport at 1759 Post Road East - so now I believe that there really is a higher power. And whoever she is, she likes me, she really really likes me. Because there's something for everyone at Jordan's and it has become my family's go-to take out spot. Although this Westport location is tiny, (with possible thoughts for expansion in the future) there is still space for 10 or so to enjoy their food on site. And though this Jordan's is mainly a take-out and delivery spot, it offers FULL MENU options. From pasta with home-made meat balls (which include a secret ingredient that NO ONE will share) to pizza-shell salads on a bed of Tzatziki, Jordan's reigns supreme.

Like most everything at Jordan's the PIZZAS are classically Greek . They are of the deep pan variety with a crust that has just the right balance of crunch and chew. Toppings are up to you but we chose the Greek Salad Pizza, delicately layered with Feta, Wilted Spinach, Ricotta, Vine-ripe Tomatoes, Greek Olives and Mozzarella and with this, no child of Zeus could be displeased. Other Greek classics are available including Souvlaki of all types, ground Lamb and Beef Gyros and a Moussaka so beautiful, Aphrodite doesn't stand a chance. And if fish is your fancy, Jordan's grills the daily catch along with Salmon, Sole, Swordfish and a variety of shellfish. There are many other kid-friendly favorites, including Burgers, Chops, Steaks and Grinders along with your Italian staples, starring Chicken Parmaggiano (served over a bed of spaghetti or ziti) with his co-stars the Fettucines, the Spaghettis, the Manicottis, and the Lasagnes.

But no review of Jordan's would be complete without delving into the one item at this restaurant that has lured me in and keeps me dangling on the line. If you've been to Jordan's, you know where I am going with this already. So let's just come right out and say it: What is the deal with NICK'S DRESSING ??? NICK'S HOME STYLE GREEK DRESSING DELIGHT to be exact. Does this stuff contain crack? Because whatever secret ingredient Nikos is adding to this ambrosia, it is waking me up at night with cravings. The label says that the dressing contains pure olive oil, vinegar,sugar, salt, carrots, imported oregano, basil, fresh garlic and ..."spices" ... Hmm, is the ambiguity in the spice listing where the secret lives? I can't tell. All I know is that everyone that tries Nick's Dressing heads back like believers on a pilgrimage. Nothing will get in their way. And as for me? I may need an intervention. My kids smother the potion on whatever they are eating and it is the BEST marinade for chicken or lamb that I have ever used. Reading other on-line reviews, EVERY writer talks about this dressing and its magnetism. It pulls you in and won't let go. This outrageous nectar is sold at all three locations and now that one of them is in my neck of the woods, who needs red wine and chocolate? Well... who needs chocolate, anyway. 

Take my advice, Percy Jackson - head to Jordan's of Wesport or one of the two Norwalk locations. (The second Norwalk location is another Take-Out spot at 252 Flax Hill Road.) Enjoy the food and leave the lightning bolt with Ares- go for the dressing instead. I guarantee, Zeus will be a happy camper. Jordan's - amen. 

Jordan's Restaurant and Pizza 1759 Post Road East, Westport 203.259.2299

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