Kids Make Pizza Every Sunday @ Coalhouse in Stamford

Liz Rueven

Sundays are pizza making days for kids at Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford.  First rule co-owner, Gerard Robertson, puts out there?  DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE A MESS!  Better his place than yours, and a lot more fun, for sure.  If one too many rainy days has given your clan cabin fever, this is a great way to get out, make your own pizza and learn something too.

Robertson invites kids of all ages to pull up a stool and gently work a ball of dough on the long stretch of white marble that wraps around the pizza prep area and the enormous coal oven.   The afternoon is definitely EDU-TAINMENT as he teaches about the  four simple ingredients in COALHOUSE’S cracker thin, whole wheat and white crusts. Make a mess, toss the flour around a bit,  affable Robertson, an uncle to 15 nieces and nephews, won’t mind a bit.  He explains the wonders of combining “OO” flour  (super fine, almost pastry like, which explains the delicate and crunchy crust), water, a pinch of sea salt and yeast. “Everyone has their own technique with dough, just don’t overwork it!”  he cautions his captivated audience, ranging in age from four to whatever.  

The kids are then invited to ladle Coalhouse’s tangy, tomato sauce, chose as many toppings as they like, and  finish preparing their individual pies. They stand back while the older participants throw a lump of anthracite coal into the oven.  Part of the fun is guessing how hot this coal burning oven can get. ANSWER: it ranges from 650-1200 degrees, depending on how long the oven has been fired up and which section of the oven the temperature is being measured.

For $7.75, the price of a small pie, your kids will learn a little about a lot of fascinating things ranging from  the value of using organic ingredients to the tranfer of energy.  It would be unfair of me to not mention Coalhouse Pizza’s  DESSERT PIZZA (above).  A generous smear of chocolaty Nutella serves as a base for a lofty pile of toasted mini marshmallows, covered in powdered sugar and brightened with  slices of  fresh strawberries.  Proceed with caution!  The kids have to go home with you after the pizza and dessert are “all gone.” 

There are many special events happening here on an almost daily basis.  The owners’ love for music is expressed in a wide array of bookings,  ranging from local singer/songwriter to jazz and blues groups.  They serve many crafted beers and often highlight and host brewers.  Check their website for more information.

Coalhouse Pizza 85 High Rd. Road in Stamford, in the Bull’s Head Shopping Center.

open 11-11 daily