11 Questions w/ Chef Matt Storch of Match Restaurant

Stephanie Webster

If you had unexpected guests arriving at your home for dinner in 1 hour, what would you whip up? Grilled Ribeye or Chicken Thighs with sautéed veg and caramelized onions or possibly a garden salsa of some sort, avocado, plums, jalapeño, toasted corn…always some nice crusty bread

What is the last dish you cooked for yourself? Lunch is a pasta with sour cream and cottage cheese..(old family favorite)  My wife and I had (see above) for dinner the other night

What are your guilty pleasures (in terms of food)? Hamburgers, hot dogs, and French fries

What ingredient could you not live without? Salt, Bacon, Olive oil, Eggs...sorry couldn’t decide

The chef I’d most like to spend the day with is: From my recent experience at El Bulli I would have to choose Ferran Adria,  he just seems like he has a lot to talk about and he loves the Mediterranean and Asian flavors which are my favorites as well…PLUS he does some pretty cool sh** with food.

What was your worst kitchen nightmare? Having to make a smelly crushed rabbit liver and mustard (I hate mustard) sauce to order when I was a line cook, had to blend it warm to order…I almost puked every time I made it…

What dish on your menu most defines you and your cooking style? Right now for the fall would be Thanksgiving Insired Pork chop crusted with apple-quince bread crumbs..with charred baby brussels, Jack Daniels sweet potatoes, Cider Gravy…

What defines an outstanding meal for you? Very difficult.  Fine Fine dining I like a variety of small bites, tasting menu style, with killer flavors, lots of foie gras and truffles, friendly-non intrusive-yet fun servers, in a not so stuffy room ie eleven Madison park or per se…middle of the road to higher end I love Babbo, loud, fun, and really great food (I LOVE PASTA)…Bottom line the food needs to be awesome, I hate feeling like I just paid for food that was slopped on the plate with no love.

Extracurricular activity you enjoy when not cooking? Chillin with my family!

People would be surprised to know that I am Jewish!  Ummm I don’t know…That I grew up in Westport….That I have a soft gooey interior but a hard shell….

What is your favorite recipe for this season?  Pomegranate braised short ribs and oxtails made into a yummy ragu and tossed with ravioli or another fresh pasta