Chip’s Family Restaurant on Black Rock Tpke Fairfield

Jessica and Rebecca Ryan

The following is our first mother & daughter review.  Jessica Ryan is in the 7th grade. 

Rebecca: The other day my mother, brothers and I went to try Chip’s, a new restaurant on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield (where Blockbuster’s was) for lunch. The restaurant was busy, sunny and clean. As soon as we walked in a waiter brought us to a booth by the window. The restaurant is spacious with lots of tables in the middle and booths all along the sides. There were a couple of large TVs hanging from the ceiling and we could see the kitchen from where we were sitting.

Mom: After pleading with me for what seemed like forever, I finally caved and took the kids to Chip’s new Fairfield location. The restaurant was indeed lively and bustling with business, a result, I am sure from Irene’s aftermath. Despite the fact the restaurant was busy; service was quick and very efficient. This is important when dining with young and very hungry children!

Rebecca: Chip’s serves breakfast all day long, so if you want pancakes for dinner, this is the place to go! There were so many different kinds of pancakes on the menu I didn’t know what to choose. My mom told me to order something different that I wouldn’t get someplace else. The bacon pancakes caught my eye. I ordered a short stack. They were really good!

Mom: I am not usually pancake person, however, when I took a bite of Rebecca’s I was immediately taken with how light and fluffy they were. I could taste bits of the crunchy bacon and yet the pancake melted in my mouth. 

The menu at Chip’s is extensive. We had a lot of fun reading the names and descriptions with dozens of pancake and omelet varieties, waffles, French toast, eggs, sandwiches and Paninis. There was also a nice selection of healthier options. To menu can be found at the restaurant’s website. 

Rebecca: Our waitress, Lauren, was very nice and very patient, especially when my brothers would not make up their minds. When my six year-old brother ordered, she squatted down to his eye level to talk to him. 

Mom: Our waitress was indeed fabulous especially after putting up with my youngest child’s indecisiveness! I am not sure that too many others would have had the patience to put up with him! 

Rebecca: We all ordered very different things. My littlest brother had a hamburger and fries. (Who goes to a breakfast place and gets a hamburger?) My mom had a chicken fajita omelet, and my other brother had a cheddar cheese and chili omelet. The hamburger was very good, but I didn’t try the eggs, I am not a big fan of eggs. 

Mom: The omelets were as light and fluffy as Rebecca’s pancakes. I don’t think I have ever tasted such a light one before. I thought the fajita omelet was good; with plenty of chicken and vegetables inside as well as on top, but I did expect and would have liked more fajita flavor.  Christopher’s eggs were fantastic! His omelet was cooked just right and the melted cheese and chili was a fun and flavorful option. (The omelets were so large that we both ended up bringing about half home. The following morning we placed our leftovers on a ceramic plate, placed them in the microwave for 45 seconds and they were as good as the day before.) The eggs came with hash-browns that were cooked perfectly and well seasoned.

Rebecca: Even though my brothers were extremely annoying, I had a good time and I really want to go back. The next time I do, I am getting the Birthday Pancakes!

Mom: Admittedly the boys were not on their best behavior and I did feel for the waitress who had to deliver napkins too many times to mention and who had to clean up our spilled soda. That said, there was enough distraction and activity all around that I doubt anyone but myself (and Rebecca) even noticed their manners. This is truly a family friendly restaurant with plenty of options for everyone. As for the next time, I know I should go with one of the healthier menu options but the cinnamon raisin pancakes are calling my name!

Rebecca’s Restaurant Rating: 3.5 out of 5 short stacks

Chips Family Restaurant 525 Tunxis Hill Cut off, Fairfield CT. 203 332 3370

[Photography courtesy of Pam Zaremba]

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