Kids Review: Toro Asian Fusion in Newtown

Carly Monson

Carly Monson is our roving 10 yrs old food critic. She hopes to get Fairfield County kids excited about eating in new venues like this one...

Do you enjoy going out to an Asian fusion restaurant with your friends and ordering loads of things to share? Then you will love Toro, a fun family restaurant for all ages. 

My family and some of our close friends, including my BFF celebrated New Year's Day by going out to dinner. I thought Toro had a calming and welcoming feeling when I walked in. We started out by ordering soup, edamame and seaweed salad. Almost everybody at the table ordered miso soup. I thought that the miso soup tasted a lot like seaweed, it was probably because there was more than enough seaweed in the bowl. The seaweed salad had a little kick right when you swallowed. The edamame was served with a lot of salt. 

For entrees we ordered six different kinds of sushi rolls, sweet and sour chicken, spare ribs, fried rice, vegetable tempura, and chicken lo mein. The types of sushi rolls we ordered were; Crunchy Tuna roll, Yellowtail Scallion roll, Sunset roll, Galaxy roll, California roll, and Tuna roll. The Sunset roll had eel and avocado roll inside with crab and spicy scallop outside. The crab was cooked perfectly and the avocado tasted great. The Crunchy Tuna roll was fantastic.  The tuna was very smooth and the crunchys popped in my mouth. The Yellowtail Scallion roll was very tasty. The California roll had a lot of cucumbers and tasted delicious. The sweet and sour chicken was cooked very well with a nice golden outside. The sweet and sour sauce tasted like a sweet and sour orange. The fried rice had little chunks of pork, lots of peas and bits of egg.. a bunch of bursting flavors in my mouth. The chicken lo mein was very chewy.  It was fun to slurp the noodles up.  My friends don't care for vegetables so we asked them to prepare it without them.   I was too stuffed to try the spare ribs but my mom and dad told me that the spare ribs were the best they have had since they went to Chinatown. I would go back to Toro anytime!

I give Toro five pickles!

Toro 28 Church Hill Road, Newtown 203.364.0099

Mon-Thu 11-10

Fri-Sat 11-11

Sun 12:30-10