The Boathouse Lunch Event Recap

Stephanie Webster

Yesterday's event at The Boathouse was the perfect kick off to the 2010 CTbites & Suzysaid lunch season. The rain may have put a damper on the beautiful patio dining but it did not dilute the enthusiasm in the packed room as we eagerly awaited our first course. Chef Holzwarth surprised lucky diners by adding an unexpected starter to the already intriguing menu. "It felt like a soup day" he stated as bowls of creamy oyster soup plated with a single perfectly roasted oyster in red wine vert jus began to circulate. Crunchy breadcrumbs punctuated the silkiness of both crustacean and chowder. Who doesn't like a surprise…especially when you can eat it? 

The lunch menu can be found here for your vicarious reading pleasure, but a few highlights were...the delight of the crunchy toasted capers and just picked haricot vert on the Yellow Fin Tuna Nicoise; a wonderful marriage of sweet and savory in the Hand Made Ravioli with heirloom apples and pecorino, and an elegant Chicken Chop Salad paired with toasted faro and shell beans. Naturally I sampled both of Chef Holzwarth's desserts which were both equally worthy of any number of calories. The Homemade Champagne Grape and Cantaloupe sorbets tasted so close to the source that you felt you were eating a more sublime version of the fruits themselves. The Frozen Greek Yogurt was spun with local honey and finished with the bright flavor of lemon zest. I have ordered this twice in the past week, and I'm afraid I'll soon require an intervention. 

All of the dishes served at the lunch are served on the a la carte menu. If you missed the event, I encourage you to partake on your own. 

Who's Who: Several CTbites contributors were on hand including Chef Nicole Straight, Amy Kundrat, Christy Colasurdo, Deanna Foster, Sarah Green, myself, and of course...our CTbites readers. 

What's Next: We look forward to seeing you next month @ Sugar & Olives where we will be enjoying Chef Jennifer Balin's Organic fare and signature cocktails (think rhubarb and mint). Lunch will be served while lounging in her comfortable and beautiful ultra modern dining room.