Bastille Day in Connecticut, Célébrons!

Amy Kundrat

Each year on July 14 citizens of France, francophones and francophiles across the globe celebrate La Fête Nationale or Bastille Day, France's independence day that commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789.

So what better way for CTbites to celebrate this holiday than to look back at a few of our French-inspired fare we've featured over the past years such as Lucs Cafe, 1020 Post, Meli Melo and Isabelle & Vincent

I hope our list inspires you to célébrer la fête nationale française. I know I am already thinking about where I'm going to order a Croque Monsieur and scare up a game of pétanque.

How will you celebrate Bastille Day? 

Luc's Cafe

"In the eight years since opening, Café Luc’s has solidified its status as the local hangout of choice. After you’ve sampled the generous portions of the hearty peasant food, the small but well-chosen wine list and the laid-back back Euro vibe (not to mention the fair prices), you’ll wish you had a bonafide French joint like this in your neighborhood. I know I do." Click here to read the entire review."

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1020 Post

"Indeed, 1020 Post is best known for its seafood offerings.  The owners, who've had success with Elm Street Oyster Bar in Greenwich and Ruby's Oyster Bar and Bistro in Rye, know how to sell shellfish. True, chef Roland Coulombe offers authentic bistro fare, including steak frites, bouillabaisse and cassoulet with braised lamb and duck confit, but we were ready to sample the next offerings from the sea."

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Meli Melo

"At last count there were twenty-three buckwheat crêpes from which to choose. My personal favorites are the straightforward ‘Jambon, Fromage et Oeuf’ (ham, swiss, and egg—either scrambled or sunny side up) and the ‘Pissaladiere’ (roasted onions, goat cheese, black olives, capers, fresh basil, and roasted tomatoes). Although it is hard to pass on the savory crêpes, I sometimes opt for one of the many hearty salads and a dessert crêpe. On my last visit, I had the French Lentils Salad (French lentils, shredded carrots, parmesan shavings, mesclun, and dressing), which was simple yet outstanding, followed by the Fruits Frais crêpe, a wheat crêpe piled with plump fresh blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries."

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Cafe Lola

"While I was admiring the outdoor seating with it’s Paris cafe chairs and flower boxes brimming with red geraniums, The restaurant with it’s quaint buttercup yellow exterior turned out to be Café Lola, the self professed “love-child” of owners Henri and Ivanina Donneaux. The couple dreamed of a casual, cozy bistro with French comfort food, inspired by their love of Paris and Provence. This wonderful Fairfield cafe is right on the mark. And the Croque Madame is out of this world..."

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Isabelle & Vincent

"In addition to the perfectly flakey, buttery pastry crust, and the melt in your mouth chocolate desserts, Isabelle et Vincent makes some of the best baguettes in the area. For $3.50, you can take home any variety of multi-grain, tomato-basil, onion-bacon, or the classic... that is if you can make it home without consuming the entire loaf in your car. Actually, you might not even make it to the car as the intoxicating aroma of freshly-baked bread is totally mind altering. Get there early because many of the popular selections sell out quickly, especially on the weekends."

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