Crave-Worthy From Trader Joe's

Stephanie Webster

My husband hates shopping with me. It can take me a full 20 minutes to get down a "good" aisle as I'm always looking for new and interesting products. Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places for time-wasting as they are constantly coming up with unusual and unexpected grocery items with interesting ingredient combinations. Who didn't love the seaweed puffed corn balls, the chocolate covered edamame, or the 80 ways to use the Acai berry? If you roast an Acai berry in cayenne is it still healthy?  

On a recent trip to Trader Joe's I came across an item on the end-caps that had previously gone unnoticed…Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar. The description was mouthwatering all by itself. I must admit I have a weakness for salted confections, or really anything with that sweet-salty combo that has become so popular of late. I dropped them into the cart, and now rue the day as I have been addicted ever since. 

These morsels feature a nicely sized roasted almond (and I know my almonds) with sweet (but not too sweet) rich dark chocolate in just the right proportion of sweet to savory. One might think those two ingredients couldn't be improved upon, but the light granular outer layer of salt & sugar kicks in at the end like the finishing flavor of a fine wine. No, seriously….don't laugh. You have already chewed and swallowed by the time the salt really registers, like the Willy Wonka candy that released its flavors in courses. It is a fantastic sensory experience. 

These packaged savory confections do come with one disclaimer. I have gone back several time to replenish my supply and once encountered a bad batch that was considerably saltier than the others.  If this happens to you, just bring them back to Trader Joe's. They will be happy to exchange them for you.