Cheese Wheels: Smile and Say, “CHEESE!”

Sarah Green

There’s something udderly amazing going down in Fairfield County.  MOOOOVE over Pizza and  Taco truck and make way for the new cow in town! For the sophisticated palate, Westport’s Mirabelle Cheese Shop is going portable with "CHEESE WHEELS."  Andrea Itin, co-owner (with her husband) of the Fromagerie since 2008, has decided to go mobile, and she’s coming to a Farmers’ Market or private function near you. Here’s the (not-so!) skinny:

No matter what you’re into, there’s curd for you! Headed to your favorite wine shop for a tasting? Don’t be surprised if you see a reproduction 1940’s Tear Drop Trailer parked in the lot. As you pass, wafts of delectable cheese caress your nostrils and you go inside for a glass. As you sip the wine merchant’s favorite red of the month, you will be treated to divine local cheese on top of Isabelle et Vincent’s (1903 Post Road in Fairfiled) crusty baguette. Paired perfectly, cheese and wine are a marriage made in heaven. Another wine, another cheese, and you are in the zone.  

Perhaps you are having an “affair.” That’s really none of my business but if it is more like an “event” why not try something quite extraordinary? Invite Itin and her Cheese Wheels to your home or event location and choose what you love from International favorites to locally produced new-comers. For private parties, Itin can also stock the truck with prosciutto, salami, whatever you choose. She will cater to your every whim and, paired with a wine-tasting event, this could be the party everyone is talking about. The trailer is equipped with fridge, freezer and sinks; it is a regulation mobile kitchen. All you need are the guests.

Another option - head to the Weston Farmers’ Market and select local cheeses that tickle your fancy. Those consumers who like the idea of locally grown and harvested food will love the fact that Itin gets most of her cheese from farms in the Hudson Valley. Most  come from Coach Farm but she also purveys a great selection from a group of smaller farms around Gent, NY.  A distributor from the farming co-op called the “Pampered Cow”  acts as a go-between and the result is creamy, gooey, tasty delight for all who tolerate lactose. Eventually, Itin would like to service other local farmers’ markets in the area but, for the time being, Weston is providing big business!

Itin, a Westport native, received her culinary training at the New Hampshire University restaurant school and catered for many years. Later, she transitioned into the world of advertising and publishing with a focus on upscale food accounts. But her passion for gourmet foods and catering brought her back and she and her husband bought Mirabelle Cheese Shop, located at 190 Main Street in Westport. The shop sells cheeses from all around the world: France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, etc. But Itan’s attempt to market cheeses from local farms proved difficult. Mirabelle’s customers were used to their imported products. So instead of giving up on the locals, Itin came up with this spectacular idea of marketing for local farmers from her truck. 

For more information and to plan your event, call Andrea Itin at 203-227-0047.  You can also go to her website at You can also ask questions or leave a message at her business email at Mirabelle’s CHEESE WHEELS? "WHEY" cool