Cows Not Cars at the Creamery: Wells Hollow Farm

Deanna Foster

These days, going out for a cone often means visiting a scoop shop situated along a well-traveled roadway and eating your favorite flavor in a parking lot - think Carvel at 7 pm any summer evening. Small, mom and pop type ice cream stands are a rare and serendipitous find that usually require a lengthy drive into the country.  But we’ve found an exception to this rule: Wells Hollow Farm in Shelton is a quick trip up Route 8 (to exit 12) and provides a surprisingly bucolic backdrop to your ice cream experience.  

A working farm since the late 1800’s, Wells Hollow Creamery is located in a large red barn shared with 6 cows (although I was corrected when I asked for verification: 4 cows and 2 calves) and a whole bunch of chickens and roosters – I didn’t ask how many.  With 30 hard-packed flavors to choose from, you are bound to find something to please everyone in your crowd. The Creamery also offers a handful of frozen yogurt flavors, chocolate and vanilla soft-serve and slices of Oronoque Orchards apple pie, served a-la-mode of course.  An ingredient list is available to let you know just what you’re getting with fun flavors like

Eskimo Kisses (coconut with chocolate truffles), Cow Tippin’ (vanilla with caramel swirls and chocolate covered caramel cows) and Moose Tracks (vanilla with fudge swirls and peanut butter chunks).

While you’re enjoying your licks, you can relax at the outdoor tables and listen to the dulcet tones of mooing, clucking and cock-a-doodle-doing, watch the cows and chicks in their own private Idaho adjacent to the barn, or stroll to the front of the barn to buy fresh eggs or locally grown produce.  The Creamery is open until December, but take advantage of the season and enjoy your ice cream while leaning against a fence post rather than a car bumper.  

Wells Hollow Creamery 656 Bridgeport Ave., Shelton.  203.926.0524