Chef Talk: The Schoolhouse Serves Apple Tart Tatin

Stephanie Webster

If you have dined at The Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton, you have experienced the consistently inspired dishes that emerge from Chef LaBant's kitchen. LeBant's ingredients are pristinely fresh, locally farmed, and always beautifully prepared. An evening in The Schoolhouse's intimate dining room is always a treat.

With a strong background in French cuisine, LaBant does justice to the classic French treat, Apple Tart Tatin. This recipe will take you right back to the great bakeries of Paris. Plus, it's surprisingly simple. Enjoy. 


The Schoolhouse: Apple Tart Tatin 

½ C  sugar

¼ T  water

2  Granny smith apples (peeled)

1 t  cinnamon

1 t  Chinese five spice

1  Sheet of puff pastry

(4)  4oz aluminum cups

Vanilla ice cream 

Heat sugar and water on high heat until sugar begins to caramelize and becomes a light amber color.  Be extremely careful not to let the sugar come in contact with skin, it will be very hot. 

Pour enough caramel into each aluminum cup to cover the bottom of the cup.  With the apple resting stem side up on a cutting board, slice off the sides of the apple so you have large round pieces, being careful not have any seeds in the round pieces. 

Take 4 round pieces and trim the edges to ensure that they will fit into the aluminum cups round side down. 

Once the apples are the right size, toss them with the cinnamon and five spice and place them into the aluminum cups round side down. 

Take the sheet of puff pastry and cut out circles that will fit on top of the apples inside the aluminum cups. 

Finally, bake the apple tart tatins at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.  To serve, flip the cups over right after they come out of the oven onto a plate and serve with ice cream.