Coffee Beans 101 @ espressoNEAT

Stephanie Webster


(Yes! Those red berries turn into that AM addiction)

Have you ever wondered how the green seed of a cherry is transformed into the brew of your morning cup? You've never seen a coffee tree (yes, coffee cherries grow on trees!), but you're curious how the growing region, harvesting process, and roasting level might affect your flavor experience.  Oh, and you've never quite figured out how the caffeine is removed to keep you from getting the jitters.

Come learn and discuss over a cup of NEAT coffee, and know your stuff next time you buy a cup of coffee or bag of beans!

What: 1 hour from seed to cup

Where: espresso NEAT (20 Grove Street, Darien) 

When: Monday, May 3rd @ 4PM Price: $10

RSVP: (10 person limit)