Kids Talk: The Under 10 Set Reviews Sunny Daes

Multiple Eaters

When Ben & Jerry's closed in Westport this Fall, there were murmurs of discontent amongst the younger crowd. Where does one get homemade ice cream with solid mix-ins in this town? Fortunately help was just around the corner...literally. Sunny Daes opened just months later and now Westporters young and old don't have to drive to Fairfield to get their fix.

This full service ice cream shop has 68 flavors of frosty desserts says owner, Sergio Keskin. Plus, it isn't shipped in on trucks; it's made right behind the counter. If this isn't enough to get you in the door, they also serve gelato, frozen yogurt, soft-serve ice cream, and ice cream cakes

Sure, I could tell you how good the ice cream is, but I thought it made more sense to let the kids tell it like it is...

Maddie Phelps, Age 9

On Sunday, January 31st my family and I, went to the new ice cream store SUNNY DAES. We had no problem parking at all even though there many people inside on such a cold day. When we walked inside, it smelled delicious, like ice cream. There were thirty-two flavors of ice cream and also frozen yogurt and gelato to choose from! There were sprinkled cones, wafer cones, chocolate cones, and more. I saw that there were baseball hats as bowls, too! 

They offer a generous amount of toppings such as gummy worms, sprinkles, m&m’s gummy bears, cookie crumbs and more. Also  photo cakes, ice cream cake, and flying saucers

I had the vanilla soft serve ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and it was great! I loved it. My little brother Ryan had chocolate ice cream in a cone with rainbow sprinkles. He loved it! My twin brother Jack, had mint chip in a cone and he said it was delicious and that there were chocolate chips in every bite. My dad tried the gelato and he said it was very fruity and yummy.

There were not many places to sit. There were only tables for two. Inside, it was very cheerful and bright. The walls had tile art murals of different ice cream designs.  

It was clean, and it looked like people were enjoying themselves. 

I thought the ice cream was absolutely delicious, and I would like to visit there again soon!!!!!!! I hope you like it, too!!!! 

Rebecca Webster, Age 9 1/2

On a not so sunny day mom and I went to Sunny Daes. When I walked into the store the smell of different ice creams hit me. I couldn't choose what to get. There were so many choices. Some of them I had never heard of, like Coffee Heath bar Crunch and Almond Joy. They also have gelato!

I finally decided on Mint Chocolate Chip. Mom got the same thing, but she got gelato. The ice cream was creamy and sweet.

The store was very clean and colorful. The people at the counter were very nice. They asked me if I wanted a cone with a flat bottom or a pointy bottom instead of a waffle cone or a wafer cone because I would understand it better. They also asked if I wanted to taste anything.  

They even had shakes and birthday cakes. I am definitely going back there some time again.

Gabriel Baltierra, Age 9

This ice cream place Sunny Deas is a very nice place to eat ice cream and chat with a friend. In the summer time you can eat ice cream when its hot out side, but I went on a winter day and it was great. They make their ice cream fresh, every day. And they have so many flavors to chose from. I tried cookie dough and I gave it a thumbs friend tried mint chocolate chip and she loved it. My little sister had chocolate and she loved it. the size of the scoops was just the right size, very big. You can also choose from lots of yummy cones from big to small. if I were you I would go over there. Iʼll be going back some day soon.

Sunny Daes has 4 convenient locations:

809 Post Road, Fairfield

900 White Plains Road, Trumbull

633 Shippan Avenue, Stamford

30 Riverside Avenue, Westport

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