CTbites Shout Out: What's Your Guilty Food Pleasure?

Stephanie Webster


Ok CTbites readers, we all have our guilty food pleasures... a secret stash you hide in the back of the pantry, or a fast food stop you make mid-day when your kids aren't in the car? 

Here's what our contributors have hankerings for.

What do you crave?

Stephanie Webster:  I've got a serious problem with S'mores. I make them in the toaster oven with dark chocolate...Also anything with bacon and grilled onions. 

Marcy Shinbaum:  SALT SALT SALT! A great piece of artisan bread, well toasted, lightly buttered, and heavily salted. Perfection.

Jennifer Spaide:  My guilty pleasure is Fish Filet sandwiches from McDonalds... extra tartar sauce please!  They are one of the worst things on the menu to order, and I don’t do it often, but they have a magical way of making me feel like a kid again.  Damn you Micky D!!! 

Nicole Straight:  I am digging the 5 guys bacon burger at the moment with bbq sauce and pickles- yum!!!

Amy Kundrat:  I keep a variety of hot sauces for most occasions but my favorite "pairing" bar none is Franks Red Hot on charred pizza crusts.  

Kerry Barlas:  Warm bread and butter, Cheetos and Doritos

Sarah Green:  Anything containing fudge as a main ingredient

Ronit Tarshis:  Yoohoos and Twinkies

Analiese Paik:  Kallari 70% cacao, single source, organic chocolate, grown and made in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Every time I take a delicious bite I savor it knowing I’m investing in preserving a climate-protective rain forest ecosystem.

Deanna Foster:  My grandmother's snowball cookies, Rockenwagner Five Grain Scones (from LA), Ben & Jerry's Pistachio Ice Cream

Alexandra Wells:  Ghirardelli Bittersweet Chocolate and Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

Liz Rueven:  My desire for RAISINETS and salty popcorn in a movie theatre is nothing short of a Pavlovian response.   For as long as I can remember, I have loved pairing these two  junky treats together while watching a flik.   I have tried bringing my  little bag of Weight Watchers super light,  " no flavor or texture" popcorn with me but it simply doesn't satisfy.